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Department of education


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SUBJECT: Permission to carry out research on or providing other child care benefits.

It is with humility dabbled with confidence that I hereby request to be granted your approval to conduct a research on the incumbent system that is being used in providing other child care benefits. The time that I will take away from my normal duties will amount to a maximum of seven hours in the bid to complete the research work. In the research, I am planning to determine whether or not the US government should adopt and recommend a new form of child care benefits system.

In this research undertaking, I am proposing that the budgetary allocation that is being channeled towards the facilitating of the provision of other child care benefits be revisited. At the same time, the fact that this research paper will be of great benefit to the cause of positive ameliorations to the quality of other child care benefits provision remains highly palpable a matter, given that the sector is bedeviled by a lot of problems.

At the moment, the system that is being used in providing the other child care benefits services is underpinned by a lot of discrepancies that experts in child care and development link to lack of adequate funding. This follows the development that took place on 5th November1990 when the then US president George Bush sr. passed a bill that would ensure a laissez faire condition towards the running of the other child care benefits programmes. Similarly, the bill remained mute as far as the funding of the programme is concerned. The above condition that has persisted for over the last one and a half decade has remained a breeding ground for various problems that have continued to beset the other child care benefits services programme.

To this effect, the research will dwell on pertinent matters such as:

Elucidating on the background of the other childcare benefits system.
Making Deliberations on the merits and the demerits of adopting new child care benefits provisions systems, as opposed to the incumbent system, and vise versa.
Divulging on information on other plans that can be ratified to ensure change.
Results accrued from interviews conducted on individuals who had passed through the incumbent other child care benefits provision programmes.
Preparing and presenting a proposed plan alternative to the incumbent.

Following the changes that were ratified on 5th November1990, there are new elements that were introduced. Some of these changes were positive, while, unfortunately, others posed negative setbacks to the other child care benefits services programme. In the first case, the positive changes that came with this bill are that there was an increase in the number of the other child care benefits services programme. To this end, it became possible for a vast number of children to access these services, as opposed to the era predating 1990. However, the problem that set in is that with this high influx of the other child care benefits services providers, there also crept in quacks. This led to the dwindling quality in the services that are provided by the dealers in the other child care benefits services programme. At the same time, the situation has only enabled the other child care benefits services programme to experience shortage of funds. This is more so because, the programme was not accorded a formal way through which it could realize a stable source of funding.

The above state of affairs has ensured that those who have passed through this system come out partially baked. The federal government at the moment is trying to reverse the situation by making sure that its civilians are all rounded in the face of international competition. This is because the US government acknowledges the fact that the wellbeing of an individual begins to take root from the cradle, and not at the university.

Current facts on the other child care benefits services programme

From preliminary information that was gathered on the other child care benefits services programme, it is known that preschool teachers, child care workers and teacher assistants account for 8 out of 10 salary and wage jobs. At the same time, close to 42% of child care employees possess high school degree or less. This reflects the fact that this job has employees with very minimal training. More than a fourth of these employees work on part time basis, with 18% of employees who work on full time basis doing so for 40 hours in a week. The sector is inundated by numerous job openings, courtesy of the fact that the employees therein are dissatisfied with the low pay, negligible benefits and working conditions that are stressful, and thereby sparking off mass exodus from the industry.

Renewed federal planning and funding as recourse out of the problem

It has been recommended by many that the 1990 act that was passed be abrogated so that the bottlenecks that are being realized in the sector be eradicated. To this effect, many experts such as Murray (2001 p 56) have suggested that changes be made so that the other child care benefits services programme be funded through a surer source of revenue such as government revenue. The amendment on the same will require that the federal law vests power on the federal government to set the standards of the workers in this industry. To this effect, the federal government should be vested with the power to make the necessary steps to ensure that the relevant standards are followed to the latter by the workers in this institution. Herein, inspections are to be carried out by the federal officers at regular intervals. In the same wavelength, these same offices under the aegis of the federal government are to ensure that all the remunerations that are due to the workers and all the employees are implemented.


Due to the large number of workers who are leaving the other child care benefits services programme for other sectors, it is needed that the government institutes changes that are radical enough to instill positive reforms. This fact is underscored by the large numbers of students who are coming out of these institutions with nothing much to show for it. It is on this backdrop that the other childcare benefits services programme has been lately ranked one of the poorest institutions in the heart of America.

This research, in order to convey a greater degree of lucidity and credibility, will comprise interviews from those who have come out of these institutions as ex-students and those who have served in these institutions. The latter party will be made up of both the retirees and those who are still working in these institutions. The research paper seeks to also research on federal regulations so as to determine the full extent of the law on the other child care benefits services programme. This is to be carried out through the use of the written materials, the draft constitution and commentaries that have been written on the same and past research reports that have been put down on this programme.

Also sparking the need for this research is the fact that even professionals who have wide knowledge on this field spend decades of their adult life so as to earn their benefits. Although multiple attestations confirms the pension and the retirement package as fair, yet, it is a fact held by many that had these officers invested their many years and knowledge elsewhere, then the same will have accrued much in the days to come. This is because there are a myriad of options that exist with the possibility to ensure growth and development at a rate that is by far, faster than the other child care benefits services programme. Following the fact that there are those who are dynamic in the professional sector, it is incumbent upon the US government to ensure that thee is a mechanism whereby, at the end of 8 years of service, there can be the possibility of these benefiting from the plans such as the 401K rollover. This ensures that the time in which an individual as a worker has put in as an employee does not go unrecognized, and without any benefits. The research at the same time, intends to determine the most ideal incentives that should be introduced as part of the benefits.

Audience profile

Primary audience: Given the fact that it is my immediate boss who is going to grant the research time, by the virtue of my immediate commander, it is only logical that my boss be the first one to get the essence of the research.

The size of the audience: The paper is intended to reach a limitless number, especially those that stay within the borders of the US.

The composition of the audience: It is my immediate boss, my fellow employees, and employees in the other child care benefits services programme, the entire teaching and educational fraternity and the general public may be are all intended to read the research findings.

Audience’s level of understanding: It is expected that the targeted audience must possess a strong understanding of the other child care benefits services programme, its dynamics, nature, pay package. At the same time, the audience must possess the ability to understand the new approaches that are used in giving appraisals to remunerations.

The expectations and preferences of the audience: It is likely that this research paper will be received as being up to the standard. It is expected that the research paper and its findings will catch the attention of the key players in the other child care benefits services programme. This demands of the research paper, clarity, complete and open communication for any approval to be obtained.

Prognosis of the probable audiences’ reaction: It is expected that the entire composition of the audience respect the candor of the researcher by also remaining objective to the findings of the research.

Works Cited.

Murray, Collins. Child care benefits services programme. New York: McGraw Hill. 2001.


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