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Describing a place

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Describing a place

The baroque castle is situated in a small village Moszna in a halfway between Krapkowice and Prudnik. The architectural construction came into being in the 17th century. Until 1900 the most remarkable part was built upon in the neo-gothic character. But also circa 1914, the neo-renaissance wing was attached. But what strikes me the most is that the edifice is surrounded by 200-hectare of mysterious park with its 300-year old oaks. What come first on your way are 4-metre high columns that are part of the towering gate leading to the castle.

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Describing a place
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On its pedestals you can notice two lions sitting in a dignified manner and looking into deep of the forest as if they are looking for or protecting someone. When you pass the two creatures you have a long way to go to reach the palace.

The alley of 300-year old oaks accompanies you until you strode in the forecourt. From behind the trees a marvellous view emerged.

In front of the construction a graceful fountain is located, so as you can sit on its edge feel the breeze and admire birds chirping. Then, when you look at the castle, you are immediately struck by the number of windows and, according to Franz-Hubert’s fantasy, the 99 donjons. The eclecticism of the edifice not only astonishes and surprises, but also brings to mind the castle of the Disneyland or one of those from the fairytales of your childhood. One of the reasons why the castle in Moszna meets such approval is a video clip of a famous Polish group – Feel.

A few years ago the leader of the group has chosen the palace as the most breath taking place to make a clip. The video unveils all the forgotten nooks of the mysterious park the fountain and the thriving grasslands of the mansion. When it comes to the cultural life a great deal of concerts takes place in the chapel, also in the art gallery exhibitions are organized. Another reason for the fame of the castle is the neurosis treatment centre.

Annually, thousands of people come there to struggle with their disease in a hospitable environment. The quiet alleys with its benches finished with medieval character and the smell of azaleas in summer and acorns in autumn give the people a sense of tranquillity. What impressed me most is that in this place in Moszna people have the opportunity to marvel at the splendours of a bygone age, and leave behind, even for a moment, the cares of the modern world to be in rapture of the mysterious castle and the virgin forest.

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