Animals in Religion: Devotion Essay

Description of Hindu beliefs about Brahmas and Atman. How does belief in Brahmas-Atman affect a Hindu? Are Brahmas and Atman the same or different? Hindus believe that Brahmas is the ‘ultimate reality, Brahmas lives in everything and everyone and is the energy in the universe. Brahmas is considered to be the supreme God although there is many personalities that are within him he’s the supreme spirit. Hindus also believe in an Atman which is the ‘soul’. This Atman is within everyone and again everything.

Every Atman is considered special therefore should be treated with respect. This belief influences why many Hindus are vegetarians.

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Animals in Religion: Devotion
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All living things should be equal because of their Atman, this includes animals. The belief in Brahmas- Atman affects Hindus because some Hindus believe that the Atman is only a part of Brahmas and isn’t all of it but other view that Brahmas and Atman are one thing, the same thing. These opposite views can often cause controversy between Hindu worshipers.

In my opinion Brahmas and Atman are not the same thing, Brahmas does have an Atman but they’re not one thing. Brahmas is the Universal Spirit, the thing that all Hindus can relate too and worship were as an Atman is something that everyone is considered to have that’s eternal.

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