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Detecting Robert E. Howard

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Two new books are on the horizon which will be of interest to those of us who love Howard’s detective stories. Rob Roehm, TGR blogger and Director of the Robert E. Howard Foundation Press, just posted news over at the Foundation’s website about Steve Harrison’s Casebook and Tales of Weird Menace. In addition to the detective stories and weird menace yarns, Rob has a few other surprises up his sleeve. After reading what is coming up, if you are not a Legacy Circle or Friend of REH member, now is the time to join up — the next two issues of the Foundation Newsletter will be well worth the price of membership.

As for the new books, here are the contents of the two volumes, which will be available just in time for Christmas:

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Detecting Robert E. Howard
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Steve Harrison’s Casebook

“Lord of the Dead”
“People of the Serpent” (aka “Fangs of Gold”)
“The Tomb’s Secret”
“The Black Moon”
“The Voice of Death”
“The House of Suspicion”
“Names in the Black Book”
“The Silver Heel”
“Graveyard Rats”


“The Mystery of Tannernoe Lodge”
Untitled synopsis (“Steve Harrison received a wire.

. .”)
“The Silver Heel” (synopsis)
“Graveyard Rats” (draft)

Tales of Weird Menace

“The Noseless Horror”
“The Brazen Peacock”
“Black John’s Vengeance” (aka “The Black Bear Bites”)
“Talons in the Dark”
“The Hand of the Black Goddess”
“Sons of Hate”
“Moon of Zambebwei”
“Black Hound of Death”
“The Devils of Dark Lake”
“Guests of the Hoodoo Room”
“Black Wind Blowing”


“The Red Stone” 
Untitled (“The night was damp. . .”)
“The Ivory Camel”
“Yellow Laughter”
“The Story Thus Far . . . ”
“Taverel Manor” 
“The Jade God”
“The Return of the Sorcerer”
Untitled synopsis (“James Norris”)
“Spectres in the Dark”
“The Spell of Damballah”
Partial synopsis (“Sons of Hate”)
Untitled synopsis (“The Devils of Dark Lake”)
“The House of Om” (synopsis)

If you are interested in purchasing these books, send Rob an e-mail and let him know, and remember the Foundation’s out-of-print Collected Poetry is now a collector’s item selling for as much as $250.00 a copy.

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