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Determination of the Solubility Product Constant of Calcium Hydroxide Sample

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The equilibrium invariable for the solubility equilibrium between an ionic solid and its ions is called solubility changeless [ 1 ] . Ksp of the solute. For illustration. the solubility merchandise is defined by

MxAy ( s ) ?xM ( aq ) y++ yA ( aq ) x- ( 1 )Where M is the metal cation. A is the anion. ten and Y are the corresponding charges of the ions. The equilibrium look isKsp= [ MY+ ] x [ AX- ] Y ( 2 )

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Determination of the Solubility Product Constant of Calcium Hydroxide Sample
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In the illustration. MxAy ( s ) does non look in the equilibrium changeless look since its activity is 1 and does non look in the equation.

The look for the reaction quotient ofthe solid MxAy ( s ) isQsp= [ MY+ ] x [ AX- ] Y ( 3 )

If Qsp & lt ; Ksp. there is no precipitate formed and ions are dissociated in the solution. Likewise. if Qsp & gt ; Ksp. ions tend to organize precipitate and finally look in the solution.

The ionic strength is another factor that affects the Ksp value. It depends on the concentration of the ions present in the solution and their charges.

The ionic strength is expressed as ?=12cizi2 ( 4 )

Where ? is the ionic strength of the solute in the solution is. curie is the molar concentration of each ion and zi is the charge of the constitutional ions. In the experiment. the solute Ca ( OH ) 2 is taken into consideration. The Ksp of Ca ( OH ) 2 is expressed as Ksp= [ Ca2+ ] [ OH- ] 2 ( 5 )

And was alsp determined by ciphering the hydrated oxide ion concentrationfrom solutions saturated with Ca ( OH ) 2. The consequence of diverse and common ions on the solubility was besides examined in the experiment.


A precipitate was prepared by blending 10 milliliter of 1. 0 M Ca ( NO3 ) 2 and 20 milliliter of 1. 0 M NaOH. The category was divided into five groups with each group assigned to fix a Ca hydrated oxide suspension. each with a different media: distilled H2O. 1. 0 M KCl. 0. 5 M KCl. 0. 1 M KCl. 0. 01 M KCl. 0. 005 M KCl. and 0. 001 M KCl. The 1. 0 M KCl was prepared utilizing solid KCL. while the lower concentrations were prepared by thining the 1. 0 M KCl solutions. The assigned medium was so isolated to 100 milliliters for each group and so Ca ( OH ) 2 was bit by bit added to the solution until it is saturated

C. Common-Ion Consequence:

100 milliliter of 0. 1 M Ca ( NO3 ) 2 in a 250 milliliter beaker was added with Ca ( OH ) 2 solid to the assigned media media until it was saturated. 50 milliliter of the solution was so filtered and an aliquot of 25 milliliter of the solution with 3 beads of phenolphthalein. giving the solution a dark pink colour. was titrated with 0. 1 M HCl until the dark pink colour of the phenolphthalein vanished.

Consequences and Discussion

The hydroxide ion concentrations can be solved utilizing the relationship MH+VH+= MOH-Valiquot ( 6 ) where MH+ and MOH- are the concentrations of H+ and OH- ions. severally.

Table 1: 0. 1 M HCl Volumes Used to Neutralize Saturated Ca ( OH ) 2 Solutions in Different Media Medium| HCl Volume ( milliliter ) |Distilled Water| 9. 7|0. 001 M KCl| 8. 3|0. 005 M KCl| 8. 8|0. 010 M KCl| 9. 0|0. 050 M KCl| 8. 3|0. 100 M KCl| 6. 3|0. 500 M KCl| 12. 3|0. 100 M Ca2+| 9. 7|

Table 1 shows the volume by which hydroxide ions saturated in the different solutions by hydronium ions present in 0. 10 M HCl.

Table 2: Ca2+ and OH- ConcentrationsMedium| [ OH- ] | [ Ca2+ ] |Distilled Water| 0. 0388| 0. 0194|0. 001 M KCl| 0. 0332| 0. 0166|0. 005 M KCl| 0. 0352| 0. 0176|0. 010 M KCl| 0. 036| 0. 018|0. 050 M KCl| 0. 0332| 0. 0166|0. 100 M KCl| 0. 0252| 0. 0126|0. 500 M KCl| 0. 0492| 0. 0246|0. 100 M Ca2+| 0. 0388| 0. 0194|

Table 2 shows the Ca and hydroxide ion concentrations obtained at different media. Based from the tabular array. as the concentration of KCl additions. the Ca2+ and OH- concentrations besides increase. This is due to the diverse non-common ion consequence. The ions of KCl tend to environ the participating ions. therefore increasing the solubility and the Ksp of the merchandise.

Decreased solubility of Ca hydrated oxide due to the common ion Ca2+ nowadays in the Ca nitrate medium increases the Ca ion concentration. therefore by Le Chatelier’s rule. switching the reaction to organize more precipitate and decreases the solubility compared with the solubility n the distilled H2O medium.

Ionic Strength

Figure 1: Scatter secret plan of Ionic Strength against Solubility

Decision and RecommendationsThe experimental value of Ksp obtained is 2. 92055 ten 10-5 at distilled H2O medium. holding a per centum mistake of 431 % from the literature value 5. 5 ten 10-6 at 25 oC. It was observed that as the ionic strength additions. the solubility increases. The presence of the common ion showed a lessening in solubility merchandise from the experiment.

Different factors may hold affected the experimental value of the solubility merchandise. The possible taint of reagents in the setup used in the experiment may hold affected the result of the value. Since the literature value is set at 25 oC. the experiment should hold been done at the same temperature to minimise the possible mistake. The titration process may hold affected besides the result of the experiment since the equality point should hold a colour of assorted bright pink pigment and colorless throughout the titration procedure.

The research worker recommends the following for the betterment of the experiment or for alternate research related to the experiment: *Appendix

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4. “Spectroscopy. ” Encyclopedia Britannica. 2009. Encyclopedia Britannica Online. 21 January 2013. & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //www. britannica. com/EBchecked/topic/537853/William-Shakespeare & gt ; .

5. “Beer-Lambert Law. ” Everything Bio. neodymium. Everything Bio. 21 January 2013. & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //www. everythingbio. com/glos/definition. php? word=Beer-Lambert+Law & gt ; .

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