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Developing Professional Practice – Assignment Guidance

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  • Pages 2
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    Explain, with related examples, why HR Professionals need to be able to manage themselves, manage groups or teams, manage upwards, and manage across the organisation. Key words – explain why HR Professionals need to be able to manage.The word why – is important – it is not how. By now your report has already discussed the HR Profession and the role of HR Professional in relation to the range of services provided to customers and how the concept of the HRPM supports this. This part of the report should now take the idea a stage further to illustrate that there are four different elements to being an effective HR professional.

    Here you will need to bring together the importance of meeting the needs of a range of different customers who operate at different levels, inside and outside of the organisation. Hence the need to be able manage in different ways. Sources of information: The text book Taylor and Woodhams Chapter 4 covers all of the above aspects including self management, team working, networking, influencing etc. Ulrich, Business Partnering, Role call case study, etc may be mentioned to support your own theories. The lesson provided additional theories in management and leadership, plus self management skills.

    With regard to management, leadership and team theories – ensure you use them only to support a theme that you are discussing to answer the WHY question. Examples might be: An HR professional may not always be a manager but may still need to demonstrate leadership skills in leading, either within in a team or a task. Adair’s model (1983) illustrates the importance. Managing across and upwards in organisations may be difficult but the flowing example shows how an HR professional might adapt Blanchard and Hersey’s (2007) style of leadership to manage different situations.

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