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Development And Importance Of Youth Cultural Consumption

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Introduction Consumption is a pivotal component in economies of regions, countries, cities, towns, and other localities. This is premised on the fact that consumption is a function of an area’s economic standing. The young people are affected by the identity mission, an issue which makes them big spenders. Identity is an aspect which is based on perceptions within different contexts (Kjeldgaard, 2002). The youth culture in the marketing world is held as a prototypical illustration of a global segment (Hassan and Katsanis, 2001).

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Development And Importance Of Youth Cultural Consumption
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This has led to the labels like the Gen X, the teen segment, baby busters, etc. These sub sets of society stem from the uniform consumption styles adopted by the group. The sharing f such consumer behavior across the world is thought to be behind the development of the world youth sub culture growth. The spaces present in different localities where the youth conduct their lives are however hugely ignored (Kjeldgaard, 2002). Globalization creates an explosion in the product and image market.

The young consumers are generally responsive to world trends as compared to the other sub groups in the society. he different sub cultures and lifestyles across the globe continue to fragment though it seems like the youth segment of society continue to merge in reference to the pursuit of identity as reflected in their consumption habits. However, the notion of the young has changed over time shifting from its empirical sense to the cultural sense (Kjeldgaard, 2002). The identity construction in the youth is the largest consequence occasioned by youth consumer culture. However, in other localities it remains hugely latent in nature since it arises from primary meditation (Kjeldgaard, 2002).

The youth consumer culture greatly impacts on the development of economies in a variety of ways. To begin with, the youth sub culture leads to an increased demand for various products, secondly, the sub culture occasions the growth of other services like advertising and marketing, thirdly, the sub culture expands the job market (Hassan and Katsanis, 2001). The youth as indicated above present a consumer oriented group. This is so because of their responsive nature to world trends. Unlike the old generation, the youth spends a lot of their income.

The income due to the youth is however not always earned as a number of this generation may be dependent on the older generation for upkeep. However, the working class younger generation is known for their pursuit of fashion, an attribute which predisposes them to heavy expenditure (Hassan and Katsanis, 2001). This aspect implies that the youth forces the demand for luxury and fashion goods to higher levels. If a city is a big producer of the luxury or goods in the line of youth attraction, then such a city is likely to develop.

The city or country will definitely have to expand on production with a view to meeting the rising demand or the products in question. however, if the country which offers residence to the a youth which does not work though it spends, this may be a drain on the economy as a lot of money is spent on consumption instead of having such funds being channeled to investment. This will affect the future development of a city or a nation in the long run. In the same line, if the city or country does not produce the goods demanded by the younger generation, it means such a destination will have to rely on imports to meet the demand.

Imports may be cheap; however, in the long run they will have an adverse effect on the country’s balance of payments (Hassan and Katsanis, 2001). This does not augur well for the development of any region whether a city or a country. The other effect of the consumer culture attributable to the youth segment of society as identified above rests on its ability to ignite the development and growth of other industries. Consumption is affected by a host of factors. Advertising and marketing present such factors.

Every producer intends to sell; selling depends on the level of awareness that pervades the ground concerning product emergence or availability. Advertisements are very creative and have developed to all time highs as marketers try to outwit each other. The result of the consumerism nature of the youth has thus led to the expansion and growth of marketing and advertising in different countries and cities (Hassan and Katsanis, 2001). The youth sub culture as realized remains consumption focused; as a result, the group is under no illusions as it must seek employment to support its activities.

This inculcates a hard motif into the group in the pursuit of finances to fund their projects. In this pursuit, towns, cities, and countries benefit from a high number of competent individuals entering to the labor force. An increased number to the labor force has a variety of benefits to every society. Conclusion This paper finds out that the youth sub culture has a number of effects on the economies of towns, cities and countries. The effects are two-fold as the culture leads to both beneficial and adverse effects, however, with good planning; the youth sub culture is a useful segment which helps in the development of an economy.

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