Development of Silicon Valley Essay

Development of Silicon Valley

The development of Silicon Valley is an idea that started from building an industrial park in the lands of Stanford University - Development of Silicon Valley Essay introduction. The idea is brought up to solve the financial problems of the university. Soon, the idea came to life as technological companies came to lease some of the land from Stanford to solve the financial problems of the university. Companies ranging from computer game creators up to printer producers came to lease in this place. This is the beginning of the Silicon Valley. In this paper, the development of two items, Galaxy video game and Dover laser printer, and its participation in the development of the Silicon Valley will be discussed (Gromov).

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Development of Silicon Valley
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The Galaxy game was a video game developed by Bill Pitts and Hugh Tuck in 1971. The game is made from the concept first realized by Martin Graetz, Stephen Russel and Wayne Wiitanen. The game is the very first video game which is a reprogram of the Spacewar. The game was a Stanford crowd favorite since it was installed in the Silicon Valley. People wait for hours before they can even start to play the said game. The game was programmed using PDP-1 assembly language (Thelen).

The Dover laser printer is the very first laser printer of its kind. This laser printer was developed by a physicist named Gary Starkweather. The idea of the laser printer came from a Xerox photocopier. The idea is to integrate laser to the Xerox photocopier in order to produce high-quality outputs. Since then, the very first laser printer is produced.  The initial price of the laser printer was $300,000 (“Dover Laser Printer”).

The idea of having an industrial park in the vacant lands of Stanford University is a risk they take in order to solve their financial problems. The Silicon Valley is a place where technology changes from time to time. The development of the Silicon Valley can be attributed to the companies that leased the land in Stanford for them to develop technology. One of the very first items to be seen in this place is the Galaxy video game and the Dover laser printer. The said items left a mark in the history of the Silicon Valley. The Galaxy video game is the mother of all the video games we see nowadays. These video games include modern arcade, Xbox, Playstation etc. Without the development of the Galaxy video game, the developers of the latest video games will not have an idea of what they are doing now. The Dover laser printer is one of the prevailing ideas made for creating modern laser printers. The Dover laser printer made a mark that printer’s operational principles nowadays are still patterned to it. This items role basically is to give an idea for future technologies. Since the development of the two items, continues research and development of recent technologies are made to develop much more cost efficient and productive products (Gromov).

The development of the Galaxy video game and the Dover Laser printer was not as observable as the creation of the very first floppy disk in the development of the Silicon Valley. However, the creation of the two items was as equally important as the development of other items in the Silicon Valley. Without the creation of the said objects, the development of the Silicon Valley will be incomplete.

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