Climate in High Dense Jungle

The rainforest is a tall dense jungle. The climate of the rainforest is very hot and humid so all animals and plants living there have adapted to these conditions.

The reason that it is called a rainforest is because of the high amount of rainfall that it has each year.The rainforest covers on 6% of the earth’s surface but contains over half the species of the plant and animal species. The rainforest can be found in:Central America: it used to be totally covered in rainforest but is now less because large areas have been cut down for cattle ranchers and sugar plantations.The Amazon: The Amazon is the world’s largest tropical rainforest.

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It Even has the worlds second longest river (the Amazon) running through it.The Amazon is home to the greatest variety of plants and animals on Earth. A 1/5 of the entire world’s plants and birds and about 1/5 of all mammal species are found there. This has been cut down due to logging mainly.

Africa: This is where the world’s second largest rain forest is. Madagascar is one of the main places for the rainforest and contains unique plants and animals but now many of them have gone.Southern Asia: From the east to the west is covered in rainforest including Bangladesh which has the largest area of mangrove forest.Australasia: This forest used to be cut off from the rest of the world but now it is not, this forest has the pacific winds blowing on it constantly.


html)All of the rainforest is important to us because it gives out a large percent of our oxygen that we need, it is a great place for living things to thrive and also with intensive research someday we could even find a cure for all cancer using the plants as well as a cure for Super bugs.:)(My opinion)Our rainforest is already under attack from many things making it disappear at a rate of 6000 acres every hour this is roughly the same as 4000 football pitches. When this haven for all living things is destroyed the plants and animals go with is either being hacked to death by a bulldozer or starving from lack of food. This leaves a lot of species getting in danger or even being extinct.

By the rainforest being destroyed it disturbs the earth’s atmosphere and we will suffocate from polluted air if we let this carry on.(

edu/personnel/krubal/rainforest/Edit560s6/www/where.html)The rainforest is chopped down for money and places to live, you might think that this is alright for the poor people that are going to die but they will now have more children and eat up the whole forest.Reasons for deforestation: Population Growth: more people are having larger families there fore demands are higher for food, land and money. This needs more room for crops and farms.

National Debt: Selling logs and trees was seen of a way of helping nations to pay off their debts. Large Roads: for transport of goods like timber, food, gold and general travels. Giving Land: giving land to the peasant farmers for small business has led to big deforestation because there are so many of them. Cattle ranching; Cattle ranchers have burned away forest and replaced it with grass for there cattle to grass to make meat.

They occupy 25%of the Amazon today. Mining: The Amazon forest is rich in minerals such as iron ore, bauxite, manganese, diamonds, silver and gold. Mining companies have cleared the forests, to build roads and railways through the forest. Hardwoods: there has been more of a demand for hard woods such as mahogany and ebony by economically developed countries there for it was cut down because Brazil needed the money.


pdf)These are the main causes of deforestation and many of them would cause a war if tried to stop for many people need the money even though lots of people are getting it from illegal mines and logging companies.Next is the problems caused by deforestation. The soils fertility is a main problem because usually the trees are burned down which leaves the soils nutrients being taken out and then the soil is only useful to cattle farmers for grass, so even if the land is given back it would be useless. Also lots of species of plants are becoming extinct therefore we cannot research and see if there are any useful effects of this plant.

Aswell as this there is then the problem of the carbon dioxide level in the air; it has gone up due to the rainforest not exchanging it for oxygen any more. ( are just a few of the problems with deforestation, as you can see these do and will have a huge effect on us even though we are thousands of miles from the nearest rainforest.

There are lots of groups in the rainforest that have different opinions that may conflict. Here are a few with their opinion.The yanomami: The yanomami are a tribe that live in the rainforest and there whole lives are there. The yanomamis are now threatened with diseases such as hep A and others that they wouldn’t of if outsiders had not visited.

They are also under great threat from old miners and loggers, and have been since the 19 70s. These people just want their land back so that they can live and pass down the forest to their children.Cattle Ranchers: they burn down trees to graze their cattle. They think that this is the only way to live and that they are doing no wrong in living.

Brazilian Government: They are trying to stop net logging and all other things to protect the forest and respect the tribes within.Environmentalists: they want to keep the rainforest and turn it into a protected area, also a tourist attraction.Loggers: they are a bit like the cattle ranchers in believing it is their job and that they are doing no wrong but only feeding their family.These aren’t all of the views but you can already see the conflict between groups like the yanomami and cattle ranchers: the yanomami want a home but the cattle ranchers don’t care and will just cut it all down, the environmentalists and the loggers: the environmentalists want the trees and for the loggers it is just their job, but also I think that some may get on like the yanomami and the Brazilian government: the both respect and understand each other.

( can sustainably manage the rainforest by, creating large parks where logging, mining e.

c.t aren’t allowed, By being able to clear cut, where you cut down a fairly large area of trees but replant all of them with other trees. Make an area for all the bad stuff e.g.

cattle farming, logging. And an area for the tribes. I think that these are reasonable ideas and should be thought about.The deforestation is an important issue but I think that it will never be solved because there is always one selfish person and it is at a huge scale and to solve it we would need total world peace for the total world to agree.

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