Development Through Life Stages of an Individual Sample Essay

She was fed physically by her parents or carers who made picks for them - Development Through Life Stages of an Individual Sample Essay introduction. As she grew she chose her ain pick of nutrient. She needed a batch of slumber to maintain her awake in the twenty-four hours clip and to maintain her from being tired when she played. She needed shelter. heat and security from her parents or responsible grownups as she was excessively immature to look after herself. She might hold suffered from the common cold. poulet syphilis. Fever and things like that but nil serious. She started traveling baby’s room and larn how to compose. count and do new friends. She learnt things by mimicing. playing with playthings and with friends. bright colourss. sketchs and Educational Programmes. She depended on her parents. and instructors. She liked traveling school and besides did good at school and she besides had a happy childhood. Children’s societal demands can be met at playgroups and schools as they begin to larn how to portion. drama and set up friendly relationships.

She depended on her parents and instructors. She wouldn’t have liked school on her first twenty-four hours because she was likely nervous and didn’t privation to be separated from her parents and household so she might hold cried a batch in this state of affairs. As she was immature at the clip she wouldn’t have liked being shouted at so she automatically started shouting. She chose her friends at this point of phase. She was reasonably independent and confident. As a kid she was most likely unable to pass on through words clearly. so showed her emotions through weeping and laughing. As she was excessively immature to believe in what their parents believe. Some immature kids might be influenced by cultural upbringing or from values that have been taught in the household.

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Development Through Life Stages of an Individual Sample
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She had nutrient and H2O to maintain her healthy and besides had a good sum of slumber. She did a batch of exercising frequently to maintain her tantrum. strong and healthy. Changed in her endocrines had occurred which is known as pubescence. She attended high school. She besides did her GCSE’s and went on to farther instruction. She besides learnt through selective and divided attending and better memory. Problem work outing accomplishments besides improved. She was able to believe in a logical manner and utilize sound opinion. She started developing different relationships and showed fondness towards the opposite sex. She showed love towards her parents and household. Mood jobs such as depression or anxiousness may hold affected because of her pubescence. As an stripling she may hold spent less clip with her parents and more with friends. She may hold longed for freedom and started to detach herself from her household. She began to depend on herself more and learn duty. At this point of her life she may hold explored her ain beliefs.

She had nutrient and H2O to maintain her healthy and besides needed a good sum of slumber. She besides had exercising to maintain her tantrum and strong. At this phase all her body’s internal variety meats and organic structure systems have reached adulthood and was at peak working in footings of strength and efficiency. She relied on herself to feed and populate on. This would because she has a occupation of their ain so she is able to supply for themselves and their households. Women acquire pregnant at this phase and have a household. Having a babe would be large duty because she depends on herself for everything so this will maturate the individual mentally and physically. For adult females to acquire pregnant it has to be the right clip in their monthly rhythm. This would hold happened when two people. it has to be a male and a female have intercourse and the sperm and the egg gets fertile and bring forth a fetus. this would subsequently on will develop ligaments and go a babe.

When she was a small spot older she might hold went through climacteric this would when there periods halt for a length of clip. This would non go on all of a sudden. it would convey on by the deficiency of degrees of the female endocrine oestrogen. She tends to acquire irregular periods and usually derive weight these are the common symptoms in climacteric. For her to hold had a healthy gestation she would hold had ate all the vitamins and ate the right parts of nutrient and the healthy nutrients that were needed for her fetus to turn and organize decently. At this point of phase she got married to her childhood sweetie and settled down with him. This is when she understands the importance of life. She met new people and made new friends. She loves her household and understands the importance of her household. Concluding Phases of Life

Physical demands for the aged are that she will necessitate heat because her organic structure would get down deteriorating so she will necessitate more heat. She will most significantly need shelter. The aged people are most likely to be in a retirement or a residential attention place. She will necessitate tonss of slumber because her organic structure needs to work decently so to make this would she necessitate to hold every bit much slumber as possible. Their physical visual aspect and variety meats indoors are non how she uses is because her castanetss starts to weaken. her hair becomes weak and Grey. her blood starts to acquire a batch dilutant. her immune system weakens. doing it easy for them to catch colds. viruses and flu’s. Her teeth start falling out. Sadly she’ll start losing her sight and hearing. Intellectual demands for the retired are that she should maintain their encephalon active by making material like mystifiers. Sudoku. traveling lotto with others in the place. start taking up avocations like start knitwork and swimming or looking after expansive childs and walking merely to maintain them active. For Margaret to hold being healthy she would hold eaten the right nutrients and she would necessitate to be looked after because she needs to be cared for and still hold the sense of independency even though she will hold non had the same duties as when she was younger.

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