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Category:ReligionPaper Title:devilsText:Angel and Devil on your shouldersThe Screwtape Letters, by C.S. Lewis, is a book that deals with human natureand Christian faith. It takes a view on human nature from the devilsperspective. The book is in form of a collection of letters written by Screwtapeaddressed to his nephew, Wormwood. The letters are advises to Wormwood on how tolure his patient to Hell. Through the letters, Lewis showed that as devilsare working hard to make human sin, Gods Angels are working harder to saveour soul.

He did not loss his faith in God.

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The main characters of the book are Screwtape, a senior demon, and his nephewWormwood. Wormwood is a junior tempter, who is facing his first assignment: Damna young Englishman. We learned about the patient through Screwtapesletters; he seems like a very ordinary person. My favorite character isScrewtape. Although he is a demon, he knows his work, ha has the knowledge ofhuman nature and how to manipulate it.

For instance, he describes therelationship between the man and his mother, while they are both annoyed by eachother. He was able to put his hands on how each feels he or she is right whenneither one of them is. He advised Wormwood on steps to take to influence theman in encouraging the feelings of rightfulness in him, which results a largercap between the man and his mother. Through out the letters, they are filledwith such insights. Another case is when the man started to attend church, whichin Screwtapes words is a minor defeat. He instructs Wormwood to keepthe mans mind from realizing there is someone greater than him by having himfocus on himself. As the book goes on, we could see it clearer that he could beany one of us. I saw a reflection of myself in him (which may not be a goodsign). I realized I draw a cap between the people I love and myself, and where Ihave been focusing too much on myself.

This is a great book for those who are not Christians like me, because thetheme is a little out of ordinary. It is not a love story, nor a story with ahero in it. It simply makes me think twice about what I am doing with my life,and makes me wanting to be a better person. I may not have to be like the man tolive my life in prayers, but I can start with loving and helping others.


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Devils. (2019, Jan 19). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/devils/

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