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Diagnostic Imaging

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Diagnostic Imaging: X-Ray

Diagnostic Imaging is medical tools used by doctors to see inside our bodies without actually opening the body. Diagnostic imaging can involve the use of radiation which could be dangerous if exposed to large amounts of. Diagnostic imaging allows doctors to find tumors, broken bones, pneumonia, etc. In general, diagnostic imaging is very helpful.

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Diagnostic Imaging
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This was one of the first types of diagnostic imaging. It uses radiation called Electromagnetic Waves. These images appear in black and white.

The calcium found in the bones absorb the radiation, which makes our bones glow white on the x-rays. The person who is getting the x-ray wears an apron that covers certain parts to protect the patient from the radiation. The person doing the x-ray also puts on an apron to protect them as well. X-Rays can also be dangerous because of the amount of radiation that is being exposed to the patient. The x-ray machine is finally placed on the place on the spot where it is needed and is turned on for a brief moment to capture the picture.

You are required to hold your breath just for a small amount of time to not mess up the scan.

MRI Scans:

Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI, is a type of diagnostic imaging that shows images of the organs and structures inside your body. Doctors use MRI’s for multiple uses such as location tumors or seeing torn ligaments. A MRI is a painless procedure, but it also take’s a good amount of time to complete. Patients are placed into a tunnel like machine. Patients are also required to remove all metals on them and to notify the doctors if they have metal inside their skin or body. If not the metals will be pulled off from you and your body. Also they also have inform doctors if the patient is pregnant. Once the MRI has begun, the patient has to remain still. Also the machine is a bit loud so doctors offer the patients earplugs.

CT Scans:

Computed Tomography or CT, is like a type of x-ray but the process is different. It takes pictures of bones, but it also takes images of blood clots, cancer, internal bleeding and signs of heart disease. No special equipment is required to be worn for a CT scan. A patient is lying down on a table during a CT scan and it moves the patient to the center of the X-Ray machine. Before the procedure begins, the patient is given contrast dye so the body parts will appear in the image. These are also more expensive than X-Rays.

Nuclear Medicine:

Nuclear Medicine also uses radiation. They determine the location and severity of the illness instead of developing images of the skeletal structure. These illnesses include heart disease, cancer, etc. Because it has the involvement of radiation, the patient is required to wear protective vests and inform the doctor performing the procedure if they are currently pregnant. Patients are also required to remove all jewelry during the procedure.


Ultrasound is a type of imaging that uses high-frequency sound waves to look at the structures of the human body and organs. They are commonly used to view kidneys, livers, vessels, hearts and other organs. Ultrasounds are also used on women expecting a baby to view the fetus. Ultrasounds are safe and d o not use radiation making it one of the safer diagnostic imagines. A gel like substance is placed on the place where the ultrasound is going to be used and a transducer is used. This transducer sends out a sound wave and then it is bounced back to display an image.

Procedure on giving a chest x-ray to find pneumonia:

Pneumonia can be hard to diagnose because it may seem like a cold or a flu. You may not notice it’s more serious until it lasts longer. If your doctor thinks you have pneumonia, he may recommend you do a chest x-ray. This is a painless test that creates pictures of the structures inside your chest, such as your heart, lungs and blood vessels. The patient is required to take off any jewelry and to put on an apron to not be exposed to harmful radiation. Then the patient is to stand in front of the x-ray to begin the process. The patient will be asked to stand still and to hold their breath for a short period of time, while the x-ray is processing the image. The doctor will now be able to tell if the patient has pneumonia based on the patients lungs.

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