Dialectic Journal a Clockwork Orange Essay

Two officers pull the old man that was beating Alex off him, when they do; Alex is surprised to find his old friend and old enemy Dim and Billy boy - Dialectic Journal a Clockwork Orange Essay introduction. Billy boy and Dim take Alex to the country side and beat him brutally. * Alex hears a machine towards the country side and goes to a place marked ‘Home’ where he crawls and knocks on the door. A man answers and sees Alex in this state and lets him in, not knowing that Alex and his friends had been to his house before when they raped the man’s wife.

* Alex wakes up to find that he is in a room that is locked from the outside and hears music, enjoying the music for a couple of seconds and then his sickness triggers. Leaving Alex on the ground and screaming for them to stop. Alex finds a window and jumps out from it hoping that God has forgiven his sins. * Alex finds himself in a hospital with broken bones all over his body, he tries to talk to the nurse but the nurse only hears mumbling since his jaw is very stiff. Alex goes back into unconsciousness and finds several doctors around him. Then he sees Dolin and the other guy calling him “Friend”. He tries to fight them but he can’t.

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* Alex is back into the milk bar with his new droogs, Alex hears music and then punches a guy in the stomach dragging him out on the streets they beat him brutally until the guy crawls off. Alex then goes to a cafe where he sees his old friend Pete who has married at a very young age to a girl named Georgia. Alex thinks to himself to one day he can have a family and then realizes that he is no longer young. | * I was surprised to read that Billy boy and Dim, two criminals were now police officer. After they pull the man off Alex they take him to the country side and beat him brutally till Alex can’t get up.

I was feeling kind of sad for Alex, but I also was feeling like he kind of deserved it. I couldn’t believe that their government would allow criminals to be police officers. How do you think Dim and Billy boy became police officers? * I was surprised to read that the old man did not recognize Alex, but then I found out that when Alex and his friends attacked that’s house they were wearing masks to cover their faces. If the man had recognized Alex right there and then he would not have let Alex into his house and would’ve let him die in the cold weather.

It was surprising to read that the man helped Alex get his energy back by giving him food, water, and shelter. Why do you think the man did not recognize Alex at first? * I was shocked that the old man found out that Alex was responsible for his wife’s death. But I also knew that he would find out sooner or later because Alex was using slang words around him which he used the same night where he raped his wife. I thought it was very cruel for the old man to torture Alex with music, but at the same time I thought he deserved the worst because of what he did.

Do you think that the old man did a good thing by torturing Alex? Why? * I was surprised to read that Alex was still alive; you would think someone who jumps from a two story building would die. I think that this guy will never die; he is like a cat and has nine lives. Alex then dreams about Sex, cars, and money. I knew that Alex was not cured; he is just going to go back into his old ways of raping and killing innocent civilians. What do you think? * I wasn’t surprised to read that Alex was returning back to his old ways and now with a new gang where he is once again the leader.

I knew that he would return to his old ways, he brutally beat a man with his droogs for no reason. I think that he should be put to prison for life. They let a monster free onto the world by setting him free. At the end he mentions that he is getting too old for violence and gang fights. Why do you think that Alex said that he was getting too old for violence? | 1. What do you think of the overall story? 2. Do you think that Alex will get married? Why? 3. Do you think they should have put Alex back in prison knowing he will be violent again? Why?

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