Diary of Tybalt Essay

Dear diary, Angry as I am, I saw that Romeo, from the Montague family, in my party, and right away, I knew my ball would be ruined - Diary of Tybalt Essay introduction. I would not enjoy this spectacular party which I have arranged because I had to deal with that BRAT! Who does he think he was to come in my party, how daring was it for him to had come here uninvited? So very crude. I heard his voice from afar, it irritated me. I immediatley knew I had to do something about it, I equiped my sharp blade, and once I was about to approach, my uncle had stopped me!

He was drunk and didn’t care about Romeo. He did not know what he was doing and I could not free my self from his strong grip, he wanted me to drink, but I had my mind at something else! I saw that little brat getting close to my cousin and kissing her! HOW HIDEOUS! If I was there I would have KILLED that Montague! The next time I see that fool I will show no mercy and torture him to DEATH, and show no hope! He had trully destroyed my evening and he shall regret it! Someday, he will die with my blade! – Tybalt Day 2.

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Dear diary, I dislike peace, hate hell and my detestation of the Montagues are beyond my imagination. It was revolting to see that Benvolio making all that peace, it just disgusts me so much; so weak and worthless. Seeing those those Montagues, destroyed my plans on that Sunday morning, while I was walking in Verona Square. I immiediatley got my sword out and offered to fight. But the fragile Montague declined, and instead makes PEACE! I do not accept peace, never! A futile slave of theirs bit his thumb at us Caplets.

If I had great power like my precious Prince I were to vanquish the whole of the Montagues from Verona! They sickened me so much. The citezens of Verona joined in, but I ignore them, for I did not care. Lord Montague appeared in the scene but our Lady Caplet also arrived at our present. We fought in words until our Prince arrived to stop the hostility. Angry as I was, I still hated those horrid Montagues. I was not able do anything but to watch them fools walk away as our Prince was at present. Next time, I will not let them walk away. – Tybalt

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