Did Charles I Deserve to Be Excecuted?

In the middle ages the power of the monarchs was a lot greater than the power of today. For example the monarch would create the laws and taxes the country would obey by there rules and there rules only. The monarch would decide when the country went to war and when Parliament was needed (many problems were caused by the monarchs and Parliament disagreeing). However nowadays our monarchs tend to hand over there power to parliament. Parliament creates the laws, taxes and decides what the country needs.

The power of the monarch in 1625 – 49 decreased as Charles I did not consult parliament in what he did. His actions eventually lead the country to a civil war. He believed he could do whatever he wanted as he believed his power came from god. In this essay I will include why Charles ignores the will of parliament, why he started the civil war and if he was responsible for all the murders, rapings, burnings, damage and desolation. Charge 1 – Charles ignored the will of parliament.

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Charles was guilty of this charge as he ignored parliament and raised taxes at his own will. This made parliament doubt his ability as king because he did not consult them and would not have needed to raise the taxes if he did. He married Henrietta Maria (when parliament advised him not to) which lead to him trying to change the religion of England and decorating puritan churches (this was one of the reasons of the civil war). On the other hand Charles was not guilty as he had the divine right which means his power comes from god.

In 1625 parliament granted him taxes for only one year this is why he raised them. I believe Charles was guilty of this charge as he did everything at his own will. He should have listened to parliament and even though they only granted him taxes for one year. This is not a good thing to do if your country needs you to rule well. Charge 2 – Charles started the Civil War Charles was guilty of this charge as he and some of his army members hatched a plan to capture the tower of London and force parliament to close. In the end the plot failed.

He also turned up to Parliament with an armed guard, sat in the Speaker’s chair and tried to arrest he five key Parliament leaders, starting with John Pym. He failed to do this as they all slipped away in a boat to a safe house in the city of London. He also sent his wife, Henrietta Maria, to France to collect money for the war. At the time she was doing this Charles was in York collecting supporters and weapons. But, Charles was not the only person to blame as parliament executed Charles’ good friend the Earl of Strafford.

He was Charles’ most important minister, Parliament put him on trial and demanded that he should be executed for treason. I think that Charles was guilty of this charge as he was plotting against parliament which he should not have done as the monarch need their Parliament. Charge 3 – Charles was responsible for the murders, rapings, burnings, damage and desolation caused by the wars Charles was guilty of this charge as he lead his army through villages burning homes, getting his soldier to assault women damaging the whole village then burning the churches.

He should not have done this but then again parliament should not have done the same sort of thing they both lead there army to a terrible battle. I believe that both armies were to blame as they both lead there way across the country capturing it and taking it over. Final Conclusion I think that Charles deserved to be executed as he caused the death and destruction over England. He should not have ignored parliament throughout his as it would end badly. He thought hi power came from god but he did not deserve that power he believed he had as he did all these bad things to England.

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