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Dietary balance during adloescence Essays

Running Head: dietary balance during adloescence

Journals on Nutrition and Dietary Balance
Among Adolescents and Pre-teen Children: Summary and Critique

Journals on Nutrition and Dietary Balance
Among Adolescents and Pre-teen Children: Summary and Critique
“Serum Homocysteine, Folate, Vitamin B12 and Total Anti-oxidant Status in vegetarian Children” by Ambroszkiewicz, J., Klemarczyk, W., Chetchowska, M., Gajewska, J. and Laskowska-Klita, T.
The study explores the health benefits and risks of vegetarian diets for children, especially the positive effects these diets have on the anti-oxidant levels of the subjects. 32 children ages 2 to 10 years old who are engaged in a vegetarian diet participated in the research. The study involves evaluating the dietary plans and nutritional contents of the participants’ diets using a local nutritional programme. Also, through the process of fluorescence and chemiluminescence immunoassays, the researchers assessed the Serum homocysteine, folate and Vitamin B12 contents of the children’s diets. The results imply that positively, the subjects’ average daily intake of energy from protein, fat, and carbohydrates were above and close to the recommended level. It was also discovered that vegetarian diets tend to have high levels of folate compared to the normal everyday diets of children. In addition, the authors found out that the daily amounts of Vitamin B12 in the studied subjects were enough and on the right levels while Vegan diets were found to have very low amounts, even below the recommended levels. The research concluded that Vegetarian diets among children appear to have sufficient amounts of Vitamin B12. Also, these children have normal concentrations of homocystein and folate. However, every growing child requires sufficient amount of different vitamins and minerals found in different food sources and not just in vegetables. Thus, in order to achieve an optimal overall development and immunity against possible deficiencies, these children’s diets, especially the vegetarians would require close attention and monitoring. This will assure the parents that these children get sufficient amount of nutrients aside from those found in vegetables which their body needs for optimal growth (Ambroszkiewicz, et al., 2006).
The study posts a great significance among parents, as it can help assure them that their children, whether vegetarians or not, get the right levels of Vitamin B12 and anit-oxidants in their diets. These substances have been very well known to contribute greatly to immunization and balancing energy in our bodies. Knowing how naturally active children are, they would certainly need a lot of energy boosters such as Vitamin B12. Moreover, since children nowadays are more exposed to a different, more complicated and contaminated environment than the ones in the past, they would also need a lot of protection from “free-radicals” through the help of anti-oxidants. This study appears very helpful in understanding that children of the contemporary generation are exposed to various kinds of diets. However, one thing remains very important for parents to understand: balance of several nutrients, minerals, and vitamin must continually be monitored, whether the child engages in a vegetarian diet or any other kind of diet.
Association o Dietary Factors with the Age of Menarche by Kissinger, D. G. and Sanchez, A.
The study attempts to verify the hypothesis of whether diet has a direct relationship with delaying the age of menarche or AOM (onset of menstruation) among pre-teen age girls. A total of 230 Southern Californian girls who are well nourished and have consistent daily-calorie intake participated in the study. The methodology of this research involves evaluating the dietary contents of each girl’s diets and assessing each diet’s association with their AOM. The results suggest that taking in more genuine meat products will result in a six-month earlier onset of AOM, while those who do not have sufficient amounts of meat products in their diets have shown to have a 9-month delay of AOM. Also, it was found that nuts, beans, grains, and other legumes can be associated with a five to six-month delay of AOM, while including more carbohydrate, thiamine, and iron in these girls’ increases the possibility of a seven to eight-month delay of AOM (Kissinger & Sanchez, 1987).
A woman’s menstrual cycle is one of the most important things associated with the reproduction process. Thus, delaying such a natural and very significant process shall result in further delays of bodily processes as well. The study of such relationship and association between a girl’s diet and AOM posts a considerable significance to understanding the importance of engaging in a well-balanced dietary plan in order to have a timely AOM, thus a healthy system. However, this study solely focused on dietary contents alone and did not include other factors related to the delay or early onset of AOM. Thus, conclusive statements cannot be made about the delayed or advanced onset of AOM having dietary contents alone, for there are still other factor such as heredity, stress, and environmental factors that must be considered.

Ambroszkiewicz, J. Klemarczyk, W., Chetchowska, M., Gajewska, J., & Laskowska-Klita, T. (2006). Serum Homocysteine, Folate, Vitamin B12 and Total Anti-oxidant status in vegetarian children. Advances in Medican Sciences, 51, 255–268.
Kissinger, D.G. & Sanchez, A. (1987). The association of dietary factors with the age of menarche. Nutrition Research, 7, 471–479.

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