Difference between assignment

This is all capable because of the internet. Although you can access the information through the internet you have to be wary of what sites you are using because the internet allows anyone to write and upload any information that they want. There can be times where the information is false because the writer intended for you to believe what they were writing or to even hurt the person or thing they were writing about.

With that being said I am going to critique a blob, a video, and a potash about bullying of school age children. The blob that I will be critiquing is “Anti Bully Mom”. It is written by Wendy and she started this blob because she nearly lost her teen daughter to suicide due to bullying (An Anti Bullying Blob, 2014). When first reading the blob you may think that this is going to be a bias blob because she is talking about her experience with her daughter. The more that you read you can see that she changes her blob to be informational for others to help those that are being bullied.

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She includes information from other sources in hopes that is will help others to help those that are being bullied whether it is seeing the signs or just helping them to handle being bullied. She is also good at making sure that she gives credit where it is due when she uses others information. The video that I will be critiquing is “Nobody Likes a Bully – How to Stop Bullying in Schools – Deal with Bullies – Why Do I Bully Prevent”. The information in the video was good, but I feel that the video could have been done a little better especially if you are wanting people to take your message truthfully.

It might have been better if they used different story plots to lead to the information discussing how to deal with bullies and the other topics. The video seemed bias because it was one person giving advice on the situations and the things he experienced. In his experience he talks about how he bullied other kids because he thought it would make him feel better about being bullied (Oak, 2013). He also never revered to if he got his information from any other sources. The potash that I will be critiquing is “Eyes on bullying… Spotlight on young children”.

This potash happens to be an educational telemetries. This potash as very informational as the ones that were speaking in the potash were experts from the bullying prevention field. The three experts do an abundance of research about bullying. They discuss about how long bullying has been around, how early bullying can start, how to recognize, and possible ways to prevent bullying (Eyes on Bullying… Spotlight on Young Children, 2008). Knowing that the speakers in this potash are experts in the field that they are talking about shows that there is validity in this potash.

Even though this potash was recorded in 2008 it still has validity when you compare the information provided n it to research that has been conduct today. As I stated before it is easy to access any information that you want as long as you have access to the internet. It is amazing that you can find studies of things that was conducted in other countries all because it was available on the internet. For example the University in Hong Kong did a research on how undergraduate students conduct research for their assignments.

They conducted their research on eleven students. The study of the paper was based on some data collected through process logs and interviews with a small group of English as a second language students writing academic assignments at an English-medium university in Hong Kong (Lie, 2012). Even though we are culturally different we all experience some of the same things. For example with this study that was conducted at a University in Hong Kong the students conduct research the same way that we do as in using the internet. There are also other countries schools.

There are many factors that anyone should consider when they are deciding on whether to use a particular internet source for the information they are researching. The factors that I look for are credibility, currency, and objectivity. When looking for credibility look to e if there are sources used in the current writing or if there is other sources that can back up the information you are reading. Using the most current information is best. There are times when research is out dated and there are more up to date information.

For example if you are trying to find static about something it is best to look at the most current information because numbers can go up or down just like how people can change their minds on things. As for objectivity look to see if the information is bias. For example look to read the goals or purpose of the sponsoring organization or company and verify the astigmatic (Evaluating Internet Sources, 2012). Knowing that the internet is full of information that is easy to access for anyone who is willing to look for it is amazing.

However, you need to take the time to review what you are reading. You also need to take time to read other sources on the internet to ensure that the information you are finding is in fact accurate.

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