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Difference between Personal Values and Personal Beliefs Essays

Defining the difference between personal values and personal beliefs Personal beliefs are statements, principles or doctrines that individuals choose to accept as true. While others may argue their credibility, if an individual genuinely believes in a cause or a feeling, it can be credited as a personal belief. Personal values differ, in that they are more of a measurable discipline. They really have nothing to do with outside influences.
While personal values are definitely woven into personal beliefs, values are personal choices that are never really argued, because they simply define who we are as individuals. Personal values, in a sense, define the worth of our being and the importance of our personal beliefs. The most distinct difference between values and beliefs entertains the idea of change. Values change often over time. As we grow and mature, we enter different stages of life. Each stage that requires us to alter our current way of life will also cause us to reassess our values.
Beliefs, on the other hand, will not likely change as often. We may change our lifestyles, but the ideals we hold to will often remain constant. For a personal belief to change, a strong piece of proof to contradict what was previously believed would have to be provided. Summary Beliefs are concepts that we hold to be true. Beliefs may come religion, but not always Values are ideas that we hold to be important. Values govern the way we behave, communicate and interact with others Beliefs and values determine our attitudes and opinions.

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