Different Kinds of Waiters

If a poll were to be taken to see how many people love to go out to a restaurant to eat, I’m pretty sure the feedback would be mostly positive. Everyone loves to be waited on hand and foot; it’s like having our own personal butler. However, this depends on the type of waiter you get. In my opinion, the waiter could be the deciding factor between enjoying your meal or not, and it all comes down to how attentive your waiter is. All too often you get the inattentive waiter that just completely destroys your dining experience.

This is the waiter who hates their job and clearly shows it. Let’s call this waiter Derek. First Derek comes to your table after 15 minutes of waiting to ask what you want to drink. Then after another 20 minutes he returns with your drinks and takes your food order. This is when things start to get worse. It starts with Derek getting your order completely wrong, for example bringing you medium well when you clearly asked for medium rare, and ends with you trying to flag down another waiter in an attempt to have your drink refilled.

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When the times comes for dessert, your waiter is nowhere to be found and you’re stuck waiting for 30 minutes before you get your bill and leave the restaurant angry and unsatisfied. In cases like this, you might as well have stayed home and had pizza delivery. Then we have those who are way too happy to be doing their job. These are the waiters that are so attentive that it feels like they’re just watching you eat. You typically find these at TGI Fridays or Chili’s.

With a big fat smile plastered across their face, they arrive at your table the second your butt hits the chair. Let’s call this waiter Jenny. So here comes Jenny, all giggles and smiles, to introduce herself and take your drink order. Not a minute later, Jenny is back with your drink and asking if you’re ready to order, which of course you’ve barely had time to even think about. Finally after ten minutes and about eight checkups from Jenny, you get your order in and the wait begins.

Once your food is out, you hardly get a whiff of it all before she’s at your side asking if everything is okay, what else you would like and, hey while we were at it what you would like for dessert. At first, all the attention is great; your order comes out fast and right. But when you’re trying to get a bite in and Giggles is practically breathing down your neck and joining you for dinner, you kind of get the urge to get up, flip your table over and tell Jenny to go away. Now we have the hero of all waiters to save the day.

This is the waiter who is just the right blend of attentiveness that can make your night that much better. This is Sal, and boy do we all love Sal. Sal is the waiter that has a sixth sense for waiting on people, showing up at all the right moments to get what you need. Sal is friendly, cracks some jokes, checks up to make sure you’ve got everything you need and knows exactly when to leave you alone to eat your meal. This is the kind of waiter we all pray for every time we go out to a restaurant and take that walk to the table we will sit at.

This is also the waiter that is most definitely getting that extra tip. When eating out, there are so many kinds of waiters that you might get stuck with, and for the most part you’ll be treated like royalty. A waiter’s job, after all, is to give you exactly what you want for the short period of time that they serve you. So go out and enjoy the pleasures of the restaurant world, but be wary of the Derek’s and the Jenny’s of the world. They just might turn your pleasant experience into one big headache.

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