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Different Level of Government Responsibility UK

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In UK there are two main levels In the system of the government; these are the Central Government and the Local Government. Apart from this there are also various regional governments and the Institutions of the European Union that affect the administration of the system of the government. Since the tax payer pays for them, the Local, Regional and the Central government In UK are In fact all public services. These people who run the central and local government are chosen by the people during election, and hence are democratic In nature.

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Different Level of Government Responsibility UK
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LOCAL ere responsibility of the Local government is to hold elections. These elections are held for electing both the local officials as well as those who shall be a part of the national elections. These local governments have to ensure that convenient polling place have been provided, workers are required to be hired for ensuring that there is security and that the process should be a fair one. They also have the duty of building and maintaining the local roads and are accountable with respect to the coal streets.

Apart from these duties they are also required to ensure that they provide with removal of snow, drainage facilities and such other services which can keep the roads safe and secure for the public. They also have to manage the various public utilities such as natural gas, supply of water, electricity, collection of Garbage. They are also responsible for the majority of the public safety agencies and the provisions. This includes the fire departments, police and ambulance services. In a situation of emergency the emergency services are required to be dispatched in order to aid the public safety institution.

The maintenance of the state school system is also done by them. They are responsible for hiring the teachers, building the facilities in the school and providing the children of the school with a mode of transportation. They also provide with parks and safe recreation opportunities to the public. Commonwealth Law Bulletin. (2008). Administrative forms in government (United Kingdom). Commonwealth Law Bulletin , 719 – 727. Economist Intelligence Unit: Country Piecewise. (2008). I-J: Political structure. Economist Intelligence Unit N. A. Incorporated .

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