Difficulties in International Business Research - Business Essay Example

Difficulties in International Business Research

When attempting to conduct qualitative research in order to assist in international business marketing strategies, one of the most common issues faced is miscommunication.  Very often issues arise where either your communication is being translated for you literally from one language to another which can result in serious misunderstandings, or you have not employed the use of an interpreter, which creates the same issues in miscommunication, where your product or the idea for that product is not being clearly communicated to your target audience.  Anne Orban’s article on successful use of interpreters in international research communications gives a very easy to read and understand guide on how to solve miscommunication problems before they arise.


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The article gives ten easy to accomplish tips on how to best deal with a research situation that involves an interpreter using real-world examples that are easy to relate to.  The ten points made concerning how to prepare yourself, your international research team, and your interpreter for the event are all common sense, but things that might be overlooked easily in the rush to get a research project done, such as familiarizing yourself with the interpreted format of the presentation, ensuring that you pause long enough while explaining your product or conducting your research for the interpreter to do their job and keep your research subjects involved, as well as keeping the attempts at humor or use of slang terms at bay so as to not confuse your subjects and make the interpretation as easy as possible for everyone.  When conducting research in another country with different customs and a language barrier, it is sometimes easy to forget the small actions which will make a large impact on the research that you gather.  This article draws attention back to those minute details which would be more easily overlooked, particularly in a high stress situation and gives practical ways to work through them.


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