Dionysus and Me

Dionysus and Me

             I find Dionysus’ character to resemble my personality the best - Dionysus and Me introduction. I may not have his godlike powers but the way he was portrayed in classical mythology and books; I find him quite similar to my personality. According to Encyclopaedia Mythica’s description of the god of wine, “He [Dionysus] was known as the Liberator who frees an individual from his normal self, by madness, ecstasy, or wine” (Gawad, 2008)

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            He was also described as a “liberator”, one who frees oneself from its normal self by means of madness, ecstasy and wine. Upon reading the description of this god, one can already visualize the kind of person that I am. I am appreciative of freedom in many ways. I value it as much as I value my life. I believe life without it is frustrating and not worth living for.

Furthermore, another literal comparison would be his status as a wine drinker. It depicts his personality as someone who feels enormously free every time he drinks wine. I agree with that notion because most of the time I can feel utmost freedom when drinking with my friends. I become more energetic and spirited though I also have the tendency to be loud at times. He also matches my personality as someone cheerful and appreciative of festivals for I also find comfort in laughter and social parties. Simply put, if ever Greek Mythology is true and Dionysus does exist, we would probably enjoy each other’s company.

            Trying to search for a mythological god with whom I can identify myself is quite a work. However, I consider it somewhat beneficial on my part because I get to gather more information about other gods that I have encountered during my search. It is important to know this information, not only because it can provide better grades but also because knowledge about history should also be a part of one’s life.


Naeema Ali Abdel Gawad. “Casting the Curse of Dionysus on the Modern Version of the Greek Gods”. Encyclopedia Mythica. http://www.eoneill.com/library/laconics/3/3b.htm


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