Dirty Money

Money has become in such a powerful thing these days, it comes to buy almost everything with few exceptions - Dirty Money introduction. It buys from what you need to survive like water and food to things you will never need, like a car made of gold. This way, money is now giving people whatever they think reasonable to have and also some kind of happiness or satisfaction. What could happen if people would not be able to afford what they want? How was back then when there was no money?

Some people would do anything what it is necessary to have what they want, and things turn to be worse every time, consciousness, bodies and souls are what cost more today. However, life has not always been like that, you would think, but things go crazy once you start reading and asking questions about everything. All those wars which have been fought and chanted, all those have had economic and political interests related to power. Even nowadays is known that wars are funded by some of the richest people in this world.

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Either sides of the war could be supported by the same person, also, it does not matter who die or not, neither the fighting itself, what matter here is all the money and power which left as a consequence. How is it possible then that our lives and fates are being sold to the best bidder. Love to money and power has brought disgrace to mankind; love and happiness no longer push people to keep moving and if they do it, money is not there making it impossible to survive in this world. Nevertheless, before money become so popular, people used to deal and negotiate paying with simple objects which seemed precious or valuable to them.

Before capitalism and consumerism were imposed as a living style by big corporation and evil means –hidden messages and propaganda-, people used to enjoy their lives doing what they liked more, what made them happy. Even though these days you should be aware that many of the things you want or like, have been “suggested” to your mind in a way that you strongly believe that it is a real though of your own, but actually huge and greedy corporations are telling you what to think; they are putting thoughts in your mind without your permission.

They are even able to change the reality because they have control over Media as the rock star Jim Morrison said “Whoever controls the Media, controls the mind”. They tell you what to like and how to be, you have to be aware of what is happening. Despite the fact that money plays an important role in our lives, it does not come to be more important than yourself, than your moral values, which are the ones that define each person behavior.

If you decide to sell your honesty for some dollars you are not just selling your live but the others’. When you stop and analyze that kind of deals, only few of the whole are being benefit from it. It does not worth the money over all the consequences left behind by those dirty deals. When any kind of dirty business crosses over your path you have the power to decide how you want your life to be and how you want future to be for the others. It is time to make an exception and take the power from money and gives it back to people!

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