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Discipline In Society Has Fallen

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Discipline in society has fallen
I am proponent of the moot. However, there is some degree of discipline evident in society. Discipline means the willing compliance to social or moral laws. In order words, it is series of commands us to control society. It aims at orderliness obedience and self control. Discipline is the basis of human activity and ensures its success. The absence of discipline would lead to a chaotic society. No society can exist without discipline that is willing to obey the rules and regulations.

However, with the escalating crime rate and lawless that is exist in our society, one has agree that discipline in society had indeed fallen.
Society needs to be more literate.
Literate is defining as the ability to read, communicate and create plain text. Based on the trend in our society it would appear that a vast amount of individuals are literate. It is obvious in the based on reports of senseless killings and number of persons (children and adults) you pass on the streets every day.

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Discipline In Society Has Fallen
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Literacy enables you to know what is right from wrong and what your rights. It has been proven that the more a society is literate, the better the development of the country.
Too dependent on government
Our society has demonstrated repeatedly their dependency on the government. Government is define as an organization through which political parties operate and manage all affairs for a country. In our society there is a constant blame on government when anything goes wrong. Even when there is an act of God (natural disaster) the government gets blame. Although the government is responsible for the country, we as people have fail to do the same. For example, instead on sitting down waiting the government to find jobs for us, why not create our own. Take for instance, becoming an entrepreneur.

Need to turn to the Church
Our society has the most church per square mile in the world. However, with the continuous increase in crime rate many different strategies.

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