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Discourse Community, Student

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    The pressure of being a student in university is a challenge that turns out to be rewarding and most definitely shaping. Full time university students are thought to have all the time they need for studying since they are unemployed or at the most work part-time. Being a full time student myself, I can ensure that it is hard work to stay emotionally stable, organize and set priorities straight while being on a diet of energy drinks and trail mix.

    The pressure and lack of rest drains on the appearance of students which leads to students being compared to zombies as we share some significant similarities. Both have an insatiable appetite, inability to rest, and deteriorating hygiene. One major difference is that zombies are incapable to articulate while communication with something other then their mirror image is one of the few things that keep students sane. Both students and their undead counterpart’s seem to have no way to end their hunger in things they crave.

    Students like to come together and share the little food they have with their peers. One of the reasons is that we all know how it is like to eat leftovers for dinner seven nights in a row and so we like to share a nice meal and catch up on the latest gossip. Everyone who invites over a student for dinner will be able to watch them inhale food rather than ingesting it. The origin of this behaviour comes from the lack and small variety of food they usually encounter, as it ranges from pizza, sushi, caffeinated drinks, chips, energy drinks, ice cream, and Chinese food.

    The undead on the other hand do not seem to have a way of communicating as their attempts to seek out and consume brains is uncoordinated. The zombie’s desire of brains will be satisfied after hard work, and it is the same with students when they see the fruit of their work. What they have in common though, is their restless search for food that the students will continue even after they have their degree. Both zombies and students are restless, although for different reasons. The ability of zombies to never rest and continue walk while moaning derives from their desire to pursue the next meal.

    They are similar to students, although they require rest for basic functions like breathing and wiping of slobber from their chin after half an hour of sleep during their class. In return they will forgo sleep in favor of procrastinating, late-night entertainment, and finishing that 750 word narrative essay about discourse communities at 2 o’clock in the morning. One of the more pleasurable things students do at night is going on parties or using the video function of Skype to talk to one another until they fall asleep in front of their computer.

    Never the less they both have a remarkable tenacity in moving from one task to the next whether it is breaking into supposedly secure facilities and devouring the inhabitants inside or moving between over 70 tasks per day, which include but is not limited to attending lectures, reading stuffy tomes, completing overdue assignments. The little time they spend socializing is done through updating one’s social status, going to the gym, meeting with friends, seeing the super bowl together. Students are overwhelmed with all their duties and it seems almost impossible to fit in 5 minutes for a shower between all those tasks.

    Once a human being undergoes the transformation into either zombie or full time university student they forget all principles of dress and grooming. The result is almost always a collapse in oral hygiene, caused by the lack of an expensive dental care for students. The beating down scent of a student that did not go to the dentist for 3 years and who used the same toothbrush from last semester is overthrown by the beastly body odor caused by missing their morning shower all week long. Another impact on deteriorating company is their clothing as it is rapidly building up either blood or food and coffee stains after each meal.

    In zombies the transformation takes place in a rather short time ranging from a couple days to just a couple minutes. For students, the time of breakdown takes month but is still inevitable. On the first day of their journey through higher education, students are well-dressed, well-groomed and their social interactions are still carried out fairly well. As weeks and month pass by, a decrease in student hygiene is steadily noticeable among both genders and the amount of people students converse with will be constricted to their cat. Female’s dress code will quickly deteriorate from Gucci and Chanel to grey sweatshirt and sweatpants.

    Male students will demonstrate an increasing aversion to razors and other hair trimming utensils, as well as exhibiting larger gaps between showers. Their appearance At the end of the year they are unrecognizable, and their chances of finding a partner is nearly no-existing in this condition. The only time they will invest time into their appearance is when they head home for the summer where they have to be more presentable as they will face their family. For years humanities fear of a zombie apocalypse has been growing. Whether caused by radiation, disease, or genetic manipulation, we seem more open to the possibility than ever.

    We have failed to see the growing population of them living among us as they are concealing themselves as students. We might have missed them since there is still a small portion of students remaining that does not show any symptoms of zombification. They enjoy the privilege of having rich parents who will come up for absolutely every expense they may encounter. They will be able to have proper conversations as their condition is not miserable. I myself am not able to take advantage of this form of investment and am expecting my transformation to complete sometime during the finals.

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