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Dispute of Different Cultures

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  • Pages 3
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    The two views of these to two men, David and Daud expressed different beliefs. One (David), is a Jewish Israeli. The other man, Daud, is a very upset Palestinian Arab. Throughout the discussion they both are bringing up each of the countries faults and seeing if any of these points can maybe be resolved. It seems however as though, for right now they failed. I personally have to side with the Israeli man David. His point is very clear for me to see and it seems that all the Jewish people are there to help each other and to have their own place to call home.

    In the beginning, they bring up the religious factor. Daud is upset that the Israelis came and took part of the land. However, some Jews had been there all along possibly waiting for the others to come home. Palestine was the Jews Promised Land. This is the reason that the Jews choose no other place to worship and live other then Palestine and that’s why it is so important for them to gain some of that back.

    Another subject that was brought up was the land raised and worked by the Palestinian Arabs. Yes, the Arabs had put lots of work into the land to see it being turned over to enemies would be very upsetting. Yet as told by David, some of that land wasn’t even touched. Some swamps and deserts have been made into fields and many things of that sort. The other parts of land that was being occupied or owned by Arabs which they bought. Some parts of land they bought were extremely expensive. Daud had then brought up the Western countries and what role they played in this fiasco. The Western countries were to have said of feeling guilty since so many Jews were persecuted. Daud also said that this is how the Jews got their land was because the Western had such great influence on the United Nations decision of giving them land. This could all be very true, but as David put it, they had just want to go to their Holy Land Palestine.

    The last reason I sided with Israelis is the way they dealt with the many refugees. The Israelis took Jews from all over the world and invited them into Israel for a home. The Arabs left their refugee in many horrible camps and didn’t treat them as equals, as David had put it. He said that if the Arabs were taking care of the refugees as well as the Israelis were then the refugees feeling wouldn’t be such a big problem as it is now. Then land being taken over was brought up between the two men. Daud was upset that they had taken land during a war, which would be upsetting, for any Palestinian. David then replied by telling him that if they didn’t take the land and just waited doing nothing, their whole country would be taken over. Both bring up very good points when they discuss this.

    David and Daud have very interesting points but if I had to side with one country it would be the Israelis for obvious reasons. The Israelis and Palestinians both have different ways of looking at things and seem as if they will never get peace. When they try to settle one discussion another will come up and so on. Making peace is something both countries want but is very hard for them to obtain. Compromising is something they need to have between the two countries of Israelis and Palestinians and without this nothing can be resolved

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