Diversity Essay

Chapter 1 Homework Narine Jackson Diversity in Organization (BSM 315) Alexa T. Jackson June 24, 2010 Chapter 1 Home Work (1) What is Diversity? Diversity is defined as real or perceived differences among people that affect their interactions and relationships. (2) List and discuss the six areas that Cox and Blake proposed as reasons for valuing diversity? Cost, Resource acquisition, Marketing, Creativity, Problem solving, system flexibility and Cooperative behaviors. (b)Inclusion and population 3)What are some negative outcomes of increasing diversity and given the inevitability of increasing diversity what, can organizations do to reduce these negative outcomes? Dysfunctional communication process between different group members, discrimination, harassment, perceptions that nontraditional workers are unqualified, lowered attachment, commitment, and satisfaction.

Organizations leaders should facilitate interactions between people of diverse backgrounds at work, provide communication training and monitor dysfunctional behaviors.

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They can also directly confront and dispel the common perceptions that minorities and women are unqualified while only whites and males are qualified. (4)Why is diversity important to everyone? Because everyone will benefit from diversity, individually it allows more meaningful interaction, to see commonality in each other’s value, individuals learn from each other.

In Organizations, diversity researchers ound that groups from different backgrounds displayed more corporative behavior on group tasks. It decreases cost associated with lost business associated with turnovers, and discrimination lawsuits associated with mismanagement of diversity. 5. The importance of diversity in organization and our everyday lives. How successful it can be if diversity is applied to achieve goals. 6. I was surprise, although it should be a no brainer, the benefits that Organization gains when being Diverse.

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