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Diversity in America

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The information I have interpreted from the United States about diversity has not help me to better over stand the, and relate to other different from the past. I would say that the diversity issue in this country has made me very aware that we as a country have a long way to go when it comes to diversity. The information I have processed and have been taught about diversity in this nation is how to effectively base upon other beliefs and upbringing to deal with biases.

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Diversity in America
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The information I have learned in this course that’s been the most insightful were the discussion question and the mix array of answer and point of views was expressed about various topics. This allowed me the opportunity to see first and the differences of opinions and reality. I have learned a great deal about the various struggles of my ethnic group and other ethnic groups during my studies in this class.

It’s easy to get polarized in one’s own thought process and experiences without seeking over standing form others experiences who have suffered and victimized by prejudices and discrimination throughout history as well.

Such as the Native American and the American Asian, are a small group of minorities who have experience in justice and a lack of acceptances in main stream American. I believe by the year 2050 the United States will have changed look and feel where immigration and demographics are concern. American will have changed significantly whites will no longer be in the majority.

The U. S. minority population, currently 30 percent, is expected to exceed 50 percent before 2050. No other advanced country will see such diversity; most of America’s population growth will be among its minorities, as well as in a growing mixed-race population. Latino and Asian populations are expected to nearly triple, and the children of immigrants will become more prominent. Currently in the United States, about 25% of children under age 5 are Hispanic; it is estimated that by 2050, that percentage will be almost 40 percent.

Changing patterns of immigration have put the United States on a short road to a population diversity never before experienced by any nation—a population in which all races and ethnicities are part of minority groups that make up a complex whole. Bearing in mind that this nation at the same time, will be growing older; the aging population of baby boomers who are concerned about running out of money before they run out of life and about the increasing cost of health care will have a large impact of the future trends of America.

These demographic trends will play out differently in different states and regions, with some areas seeing exploding populations while others experience declining based upon current studies. As America continues to grow more diverse; a huge challenge to overcome is the acceptance and over standing of each individual race and culture that makes up that’s great nation. It’s sad to see, that even today the lines of separation are far divided by hate and a lack of over standing. This lack will have a direct effect on our future and how will communicate and exist with each other.

Diversity helps society to grow as individuals and open our minds to different ways of life. When we are exposed to different ways to live, we see how other cultures carry on we are no longer closed to the idea that we are indeed all different in some way, and those differences are beneficial to our changing world. Diversity also promotes more tolerance allowing people the opportunity to see other as a lesson of growth help us to accept other cultures, and even adapt some of their ways within our society.

The differences that we have between us can be used to strengthen society as we know it. Diversity allows us the opportunity to learn, grow, understand new ways of living, and experience life to the fullest. Without diversity, we are closed off in our own worlds. But with it, we expand our knowledge and we are no longer ignorant. When you are aware of the differences and embrace them, then you have taken the blind fold off to living differently and you are a better person for it.

The key is exposure and using what you learned to increase more tolerance and decrease things such as racism. Moving forward America can foster an environment and commitment of pluralism; teaching through acceptance and engaging with other from who are different. Without any engagement or relationship with one another pluralism can be achieve. We key way to see this happening is through the media. Because the media is known for polarizing people of color in a negative light they could start to report news fairly and accurately.

Also changing their advertising and programming approach; without stereotypes and outlandish perceptions. Engagement with other creates a common society for all, diversity as a whole is pluralism plain and simple embracing each other for our differences. Yes, there are some people who still feel threatened by diversity, or even hostile to it. Throughout America history there have been groups that have expressed prejudice and intolerance toward people of color and cultures however as we grow as a nation we need to look forward to the day when all these differences fade away.

The United States faces many challenges in diversity of its many people, and there is still a large percent of the population that supports racism and bigotry. If we don’t make these changes we will not be able to move forward in the United States racially and culturally; this is not just a problem with white people, it is a problem facing all the different cultures in the world because racism has many colors, fearing of something new scaring everybody, but with it comes change and I hope that we all could get along in this world and every one occupies.

The world and United States has come a long way in battling this war on racism, but it is still has many miles to move ahead before people could see that although different we are all people. The more diverse we become racially and ethnically, the more important it is that we learn to tolerate differences; and also to celebrate what we all have in common. Whether we came to the United States voluntarily or involuntarily, we all choose to live here now. And more people want to live here than anywhere else in the world.

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