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Diversity Reflection Paper

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  • Pages 3
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    1. Learning about socioeconomic status has given me a new perspective on people who are less fortunate and has taught me to become more empathetic towards others. Empathy is a very important skill to have when consulting with others. It allows you to feel what they are feeling while putting both of you on an even level. In my personal opinion I believe it is not morally right to judge or criticize a person based on their background. Rather an individual should be judged according to their actions and the type of personality they have.

    More specifically learning about socioeconomic status has taught me to help those who are less fortunate and help better the community by volunteering and supporting families through the upcoming holidays. 2. Learning about socioeconomic status has broadened my perspective on the diversity of families living in different social class from another. The concept of families living in different social class has never come to my attention before. I have never understood this philosophy because I personally do not pay attention to a person’s income or what they own.

    Therefore learning about socioeconomic status has broadened my concept of diversity by having a more understanding of why some people live the way they do based on their income and finances. 3. As a future educator I am going to look at every child as the same; to me it does not matter about social status, ethnic race, or what people own. Every child should be given the opportunity to receive the best education from their teacher. The income of a family should not prevent a child from leaning.

    Learning about socioeconomic status has affected my concept of diversity on my future as a teacher. For example, when I become a teacher no educator should assume that all their students own a computer. Therefore, based on that conclusion I would not assign homework that required technology of computer work. The concept of socioeconomic status has given me a new perspective on teaching because some teachers are going to have to be flexible with their lesson plans because some students may not have what others have in order to accomplish the learning activity.

    4. The website I found to be the most helpful and that related more to socioeconomic status was called “Poverty and Race Research Action Council” also distinguished by PRRAC. This website provides different organizations that allow volunteers and people within a community to help with. One specific resource that would be helpful to teachers is the study on the impacts of concentrated poverty. This study would provide teachers of the awareness that some students live in a low income family and may not have some of the materials needed for some projects therefore have a flexible schedule.

    The second resource on this site that would be helpful to teachers is the current projects that are always updated and allows teachers to be included in national organizations that help low income families. These resources can be used by showing educators how they can be more involved and to show their students who are living in different social classes to be a helping hand around the class and community.

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