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Divorce Effect on Child Behavior

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If you are going through, know someone going through or have gone through the divorce process you know that it is a disturbing and traumatic experience to deal with. It is alarming and distressful for not only the people who are going through it but for those around them as well. Growing up as a child, I had to deal with parents going through the divorce process. Dealing with the constant bickering between my father and mother was not easy. It was very painful to see the two people that I loved so much grow to hate each other.

They hated each other to the point where they could not be placed in the same room without their being drama.

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Divorce Effect on Child Behavior
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It caused stress upon me and it caused my siblings and I to change our behavioral acts. Imagine seeing two people you love not be able to tolerate each other for the strength of you, it is very sickening and stressful.

However, the sad part about it is it still pays a toll on my life as of right now. When parents go through the divorce process, children tend to adjust in behavioral problems and blame themselves as the cause of the divorce and it pays a toll later on in life as well. The divorce process causes children to change in behavioral problems. Some ways such as the behavior towards the parents.

There is much controversy about how divorce affects children. Many studies show that, to a child, divorce is equivalent to the pain of the death of the parent. There is a great loss, with grief and sadness, and confusion for the children. Children most always believe that they are the cause of the divorce. They think that the parent who left, actually left them or left because of them and that the parent doesn’t love them anymore. Often the parents are so consumed in their own grief or turmoil that they fail to see the devastating effects of the breakup on the children.

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