Do violent video games cause behavior problems? Essay - Part 2

Why do we have to stop playing those fantastic devices that can release our stress swiftly? - Do violent video games cause behavior problems? Essay introduction?? Why adults keep saying to stop? A video game is an entertaining electric device that people all can enjoy playing with exciting and amusing games. There are separate joysticks and an input device, which people can manipulate, called a game controller. Generally there are four joysticks therefore more than one people can join the game and compete with the other players. There are various games for the video games such as arcade, cooking, violence, intelligence, etc. Playing video games is beneficial but with the violent games, people are arguing. Some people say that violent games could cause behavior problems. While the others say that letting people stop to play violent games could make worse.

Do you have a method to release your stress? If not, release your ideas by playing video games. This is a way to express your anger in a safe way that doesn’t affect others. Video games are creative, imaginative and entertaining so a lot of people become pleased by doing things that they would never do in real life. Especially in a violent game, through killing zombies and humans people can focus on it so the moment that they got stress could be erased in their heads. Also by shooting objects with guns or shotguns will transmit pleasure. Furthermore winning something also conveys those kind of good feelings because it makes people think they achieve something really great. How can parents tell them to stop releasing stress? That is such a torture.

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There will be no problem if people just need to try to section real life and imagination. Probably, people who don’t know what is real and fake can be cause for behavior problems. However, if a video game is too brutal and aggressive then it has an age limitation. For instance, “this following game is restricted people under 18 years old”. That demonstrates that it is parents’ role. If their children are too young but keep wanting to play those regulated games, the parents must obstruct them if they want to prevent the mentally wrong attitudes. If a young child plays a violent game then that could be cause a behavior problem because his or her mind is not fully developed yet and think that killing people for fun is okay. Before that parents must stop them and say no because generally almost all violent
games require people who are old enough.

In conclusion, playing video games never cause any behavior problems unless parents allow young children to play them. If you want children to be more vicious and aggressive then keep scolding. If, however, your children play video games too long, then before them to play make fixed time like an hour. The question is just a bias. Parents just attribute their fault to video games.

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