Do we need computers? Essay

Every home needs a computer, or do they? I myself love computers and think we as humans need them, but I do not particularly think every home should need one.

“Computers could be fueling obesity crisis”- Baroness Susan Greenfield.Lady Greenfield has insisted that playing computers could be infantilising the brain. A child who climbs a tree and falls off learns that repeating this action could result in the same consequence therefore stops doing it but a child playing a computer game and their player goes wrong will just keep repeating th eaction until they suceed. As a result people will overeat or eat junk food excessively without thinking of the consequences of their actions.

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Do we need computers?
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So in turn this leads to stifled imagination and empathy. Sp parts of the brain that prmote these atributes will not develop properly.”People need computers to learn”. No they do not, Im not saying that computers dont help you learn but you dont absolutely need them to learn.

Computers didnt become popular until the mid 90’s and they were not properly brought out until 1822 by Charles Babbage knows as “Father of the computer”. So what did people do before these times? and how come Charles Babbage managed to learn how to create a computer without using one beforehand. So people who use this excuse are just to lazy to work harder to learn in my opinion.Internet isnt always a safe place, especially for children.

In 2002 a 13 yearold girl from Pitsburgh name Alicia Kozakiewicz was kidnapped, raped and tortured by a man she met on the web and had been conatcting him for over eight months before arranging to meet up. She was found in his room under his bed with a steel collar around her neck so she could not escape. She has recently presented a very moving tell-all speech to the US congress earlier last year about what she went through for those few months.If you were saying every home needed a computer you could say its fun and educational.

There are good points and upsides to having a computer in your home. Some of these include home banking, online shopping and many more attributes that come with owning a computer.I am against the statement made about everyone needing a computer but I will admitt I adore my laptop and need it for many different things. So in my opinion you dont need a computer but it does come in handy.

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