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Doctor: Physician and Professional Athlete

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Doctor In kindergarten, my class was asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up? ” Crayons danced across sheets of paper to illustrate our dream occupations. Our drawings were hung in the hallway for our parents to see at Back to School Night. I remember looking down the line and seeing pictures of ballerinas dancing, firefighters putting out a blaze, and astronauts leaping across the moon, careers that were seen as typical dreams of five year olds. My picture showed a girl throwing a ball in the air, being a professional athlete, but as you can see my point of view of my future has changed.

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Doctor: Physician and Professional Athlete
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Now I want to be doctor because I want to cure cancer and do the impossible by helping people and not just work out and play my whole life. A question could be asked like why choose to be a doctor and not a professional athlete, well I believe a doctor can make a change, inspire people, be a leader and etc.

Being a doctor you have to be able to be a directive, supportive, coaching, and delegating leader. A directive leader finds aspects to positively acknowledge and give direction, and ensures that those under their management understand what is expected of them in which a doctor must do his or her colleagues or patients.

He or she must be able to coaxes ideas from those working under them, listens and encourages, and keeps the decision making process collaborative by asking open questions. They also have to be capable to find topics to praise, lead with novel ideas, explain the rationale, consult and listen before arriving at a final decision. One of the most significant thing a doctor must learn how to do it allow others to take the lead, asks to be kept informed and challenge those working under them to excel. Doctors diagnose their patients’ injuries and illness.

When people get sick, doctors figure out why. They examine people, listen to them describe their health problems, and do tests to see what is wrong. While they give people medicine and other kinds of treatment, they also give advice about diet, exercise, and sleep. There are many kinds of doctors. Family and general practitioners are often the first doctors that people go to when they get sick. These doctors treat common problems like a cold or flu. If they send patients to other doctors they are called specialists.

Specialists are experts in specific types of health problems. For example, internists focus on problems with internal organs. Pediatricians care for children and babies. Surgeons perform operations, like fixing broken bones or transplanting organs. Most doctors are doctors of medicine (M. D. ). Some doctors are doctors of osteopathic medicine (D. O. ). Many doctors work long hours, at all times of day and night. About 3 out of 10 physicians worked more than 60 hours a week in 2008. But doctors who work in small offices often have more time off.

Doctors sometimes have to rush to the hospital to deal with emergencies. Well I would like to be Specialist because I have a great interest in health. Being s specialist would be great in the future when I have a family because I can make sure my family is a great happy healthy family. Before you become a doctor you have to get your education and train. Becoming a doctor requires more training than most other jobs. It usually takes at least 11 years to become a doctor: 4 years of college, 4 years of medical school, and 3 years working in a hospital.

For some specialties, doctors may have to work in a hospital for up to 8 years before they are fully trained. To become a doctor, you should study biology, chemistry, physics, math, and English. It is not easy to get into medical school. You have to do very well in college and on medical school entrance tests. Students spend most of the first 2 years of medical school in labs and classrooms. They take lots of science courses. They also learn to ask patients the right questions and how to examine them. They learn how to tell what sickness a patient has.

In the last 2 years, students work with patients and doctors in hospitals and clinics. After medical school, doctors go to work in a hospital for a few years, called residents. To be a resident, you must pass a test. If you want to be a doctor, you should like to help people. You should also be willing to study a lot. You have to know how to talk to sick people. And you should be able to make decisions and handle emergencies. With this job you get paid a good amount of money hourly and yearly. When you barely start you usually get paid $62. 0 an hour but makes $130,630 a year. While you get into the business you soon earn $79. 48 an hour that adds up to $165,320 a year. Once you are experienced you can make over $90. 00 an hour and make over $187,200 a year. Even though this may be a long journey of ups and downs, it totally makes up for it when you see your first client cured. Along being a doctor comes the responsibility of being a leader to all who is watching me. Who knows I might get a Nobel Prize for doing what I hope I do best, taking care of people. After all, I am still figuring out me and my life.

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