Does Job Satisfaction Lead to Job Performance or Does Job Performance Lead to Job Satisfaction? Essay

Personally, I think that job satisfaction leads and affects directly job performance. I believe that a happy worker is a good worker. The work environment can influence a lot an employee’s productivity and performance. Job unsatisfaction can lead to absenteeism, to a lack of motivation and work, and it might influence negatively the productivity of the worker and the performance of the company.

If the work environment is negative and disturbing, then the potential and the capacities of the employee will definitely not be used to the maximum.

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Does Job Satisfaction Lead to Job Performance or Does Job Performance Lead to Job Satisfaction?
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An employee that feels involved and happy about the job is willing to work extra hours to get the job done. It’s not just about waiting for the time to leave and looking forward for payday to arrive. Companies with committed employees can expect increase in productivity, profit, safety and high retention among employees.

The Higher the satisfaction is the higher the performance is. The production of an employee is linked to his morale.

Individual performance is generally determined by motivation, the desire to do the job, ability and capability to do the job, and the work environment. As humans, we tend to go towards places where we find happiness and comfort. So, the happiness of an employee at work plays a major role in the performance generated by him or her.

The production, the quantity and the quality of an employee’s output is linked to his morale. Satisfaction is related to achievement and performance. This is why; companies should create and maintain the work situation and condition that can encourage employees to increase their performance, either when they do their job individually or in teams. Finally, the emotional well being of employees and their satisfaction with their work and workplace affect their work and performance.

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