Does My Generation Have a Role in Americas Future?

My generation does not have a role in America’s future, we are the future. The world is rapidly changing. Technology is outsmarting us. The military is weakening and my generation needs to step up. The government and economy is in our hands. My generation has many duties and jobs to perform. As the next generation we are learning from the past and conquering the future. Every year it seems like companies come out with bigger and better cell phones, computers, cars, and iPods.

Just when you thought you had the best, something better comes out. This is because technology has advanced since past generations. As the future generation, we have the role of creating bigger and better things. Since technology is advancing, our education also has to advance. Our grandparent’s idea of a computer was a lead pencil and a notebook. In the future our school list is going to consist of laptops. My generation is so much more complex. We have to learn how to use new technology, otherwise it is pointless. Our minds and thinking have to be able to keep up in the game of life.

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My generation has to get through life doing what we know best, because future generations after mine are going to be so much more advanced than what we know as young adults today. We must raise the next generation just as the past generations have raised us. It is my generation’s role to teach them just as we have been taught from the past generations so that the world will keep going after we are gone. We will always need our military to protect the U. S. from foreign enemies. If people from my generation do not enroll into the military, then we will not have a military.

If we do not have our military our rights might become intrigued upon by conquering nations. It is my generation’s duty to take charge and keep our military strong and our country free. We have to fight just like past generations fought for us. We can not have everything handed to us and expect everyone to listen to use just because we say so; we have to have authority. We are the future protectors of our homeland. We have to have our homeland security. It is our goal to prevent war and conflict and to keep peace, but yet have authority and be a military feared by foreign enemies. My generation is the future of the government.

We will fill the Oval Office, congress, senators, and hold other government offices. We have to keep our economy strong and make wise choices. But it is not that easy because we have to go from the base that the past generation has left us. We do not get a clean slate. We have to be ready to take on this challenge and to make smart choices so that the next generation can come into a stable economy. My generation is the future of the working class. Our elders can not work forever. We are the future teachers, doctors, lawyers, factory workers, truck drivers, etc. We are the manpower of the future.

We are the future farmers of America. It is our duty to take over family farms and keep the crops going so that we can keep American stomachs full. Agriculture is what I consider my biggest role I can play in America’s future. We have to keep working without jobs nothing would go on. Without jobs we will have no future role to play. Not only will we not have a future but we are setting the stepping stones for future generations, so we have to think not only of ourselves but the future generations. We have clear a path so that they can keep going, when my generation is no longer here to do so.

In conclusion, my generation is America’s future. We are the brains behind new technology and the knowledge behind education. The military is our duty to keep strong. We are the government and future Presidents of the United States of America. My generation keeps America’s heart beating by fulfilling our duties and taking over our parent’s jobs. We need to start playing our roles now to get everything sound before we take control. My generation needs to learn from the past and embrace the future. My generation role is the future of America.

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