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Does Plato Believe There Can Ever Be A Just Societ

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y?In answering this question I first need to describe what a just societywould consist of. A perfect state can only be lead under perfect conditions.

Civil Society would be a better name for this state. A just state would be madeup of three parts. First, a state is a structure with parts that work togetherlike an organism. If the parts do not work well together then the whole thingbreaks down. It must have virtues, voices, it can be wise and brave.

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Does Plato Believe There Can Ever Be A Just Societ
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The statemust have everyone performing there jobs to their best ability. For a state tobe just the people within the state must also be just. A man is just when hehas a well ordered soul because then you will do the right thing by performinggood and just actions. A soul must be allowed to perform its proper function.

In a state you cannot define justice by a man because a man can decay intougliness. Instead you must define justice based on forms.

Plato says that theforms are eternal and ever lasting.

What constitutes an unjust society is a lack of knowledge. So ignoredto create a just society we must educate people. The society must be wellrounded in their education for if they are not they will have problems insociety. A society must be fit, participation in athletics, they need to besensitive to prose poetry, and have knowledge of mathematics and science.

Education can not be on specialties, but everything mind, spirit, and body.

Having a well rounded education will help people to communicate in all areas.

The more you know in many different areas the better over all communication asociety has. One of the reason there are inequalities in a society is due tolack of knowledge. Everyone in the society must to some extent be a philosopherbecause they seek education and knowledge. A just society must also have a justruler. A just ruler would need to be a philosopher, he would have to offerhonest leadership which reflects the will and knowledge of society. A perfectsociety must have temperance, knowledge, and wisdom. In justices occur becauseof a lack of knowledge resulting in greed. In order to get rid of injusticeeveryone in the society must be educated starting at birth. Women and men needto be equally educated in a well rounded fashion in order to promote a justsociety.

In asking if this society could ever work the answer is no. The onlyway it could work is if all of society is willing to accept knowledge and workhard for education. Even though there is no such thing as a truly unjust societya totally just society will never happen until people are willing to work for it.

Another reason there can never be a perfectly just society is becauseeveryone’s perception of just is different. We know that the idea of justice isthere, but to explain it to where everyone agrees to the idea would be hard toachieve. However, in trying to find true justice the society becomes strongerand more just. Expressing individuality that benefits or hurts a societyhowever, reflects assertiveness, incentive, thought, and creativity, whichstrengthens the society.

If a society ever got to the point of being just, the society would nolonger have greed, drive for a better life, it would not have poverty or wealth.

The society would just stop. There would be no more invention, growth, orchange. The only change from Plato’s time to ours is technology. We are stillsearching for the perfect government, the question of who is better than who isstill asked, and education is still a major principle to whether or not you aresuccessful.

Category: Philosophy

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