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Does Welfare Reform Help or Hurt

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    Picture growing up in the inner city, in a home with your mother and possibly other siblings; the only source of income comes at the beginning of each month. The father in most cases not there; you don’t know where he is; one can only imagine. Depending on a source of income that comes once a month, and allowing families to be dependent upon welfare for generations; is wrong. Making it easy for a person to live this way does not help them; it hurt them.

    There has to be a better way to help people and educate them at the same time so they won’t be a statistic on welfare for years. Welfare Reform is the best solution to make this happen; it focuses on education and employment, which is the best way to help them move away from bondage and to become productive members of society. In 1996, then President Bill Clinton signed a welfare reform bill that has been successful still to this day.

    According to KiKi Bradley and Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation, in an article they wrote on February 25, 2010, “How President Obama’s Budget Will Demolish Welfare Reform,” the new funding system will reward states for increasing their welfare caseloads and eliminate federal programs that promote marriages and ultimately stop the programs that assist with education and employment. The decision to undermine any program that can help people to help themselves is wrong and should be reconsidered.

    Positive motivation is what’s needed in the lower income areas. Going back to the old welfare system, AFDC, (Aid to Families with Dependent Children), is not the way to help; it only allows a person to remain in bondage and not help them. Educating the mothers and fathers is the best way to help the children; after all they are the ones that we are at risk of losing to the streets, and jails, and possibly death. In an article written by Gary Bauer of “The Washington Times,” on February 26, 2010, the welfare reforms included requiring work after two years of enefits, implementing a lifetime limit of being on welfare to five years; promoting marriages to two parent families, and lastly enforce child support. Education is the way to help people in a broken society, where we have many lost children in the streets and jails, and parents on drugs. Role-models are what’s needed; when a child sees the parents going to school and working, hopefully it will make him or her want to do the same.

    Also it’s a hard decision for a mother to make, having to leave young children and seek work, but in a society with many single mothers, it’s hard not to have to work. In a mother’s decision to work, she has to have a lot of faith that the morals and values that she instilled in her child at home would help keep them safe and make positive decisions while she’s away from the home working. Education and employment is the only way to empower a society that has been torn down from years of poverty.

    One of the welfare reforms triumphs was an explosion for never married mothers; who rose from 45 percent in 1995 to more than 60 percent between 2000 and 2005. In the winter of 2008, The Institute for Policy Research invited two prominent scholars from opposing sides, Democrats and Republicans, to share their thoughts on the welfare reform bill after ten years, as stated in the article, “A Look Back at Welfare Reform. ” Both sides agree that Bill Clinton’s decision to sign the 1996 welfare reform bill, that reformulated the welfare system, was and is still the best decision.

    The signing of the said bill has been successful, but since 2009; the welfare caseloads has increased by 200,000 more families being added onto welfare. It’s sad that government officials are out to undermine a bill that gave hope to many that probably had no other way out of being on welfare. Welfare Reform is up reauthorization this year, and if it’s up to President Obama and his counterparts, the reform won’t be for years to come. In conclusion, why President Obama and Congress are out to undermine welfare reform, a bill that has helped so many, I’ll never figure out.

    If the government really sympathized with what’s going on in the lower income areas, why would they keep people enslaved? Welfare Reform has improved the lives of people, by educating them, paying for daycare, and ultimately transitioning them into employment. Succeeding in those areas help families or individuals move away from bondage of the old welfare system, and build them into much stronger people as a whole, making it possible for them to become proud, productive members of society.

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