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Dogs Make Better Pets Than Cats Essays

Dogs definitely make better pets then cats. They protect Australia in defence forces, they are faithful and loyal, they encourage people to exercise and they assist the disabled and the blind. Dogs are used in Australian defence and protection forces and services. They are part of the police and boarder protection defences. They protect Australian boarders from drugs and other illegal substances from entering the country. They sniff baggage and packages to insure nothing gets past the boarder. Police dogs can also be trained to sniff out drugs and alcohol, as well as follow trails and scents, to find/track people.
They are very smart and can be trained for these purposes. This is something cats could not be trained to do. More over dogs are faithful and loyal to their owners and their homes. They are great when used to protect the home and work place, especially large dogs. They look threatening and scary, but inside are lovable and loyal. Furthermore dogs have a lot of energy. They need to use that energy, so, they encourage their owner to play with them, or take them for a walk or run. They are energetic and love to play. And who could resist a cute face like that? In addition, dogs provide the blind and disabled with independence.
The can be trained to assist the disabled and lead the blind. Dogs that are trained to help the blind are called guide dogs. They give life changing experiences to the blind by providing them with independence and safer mobility. When they are trained to lead the blind they learn how to cross roads, wait for lights and cars. In conclusion dogs provide the blind and disabled with independence and safer mobility, they encourage exercise, are faithful and loyal friends and help keep Australia safe. Therefore, Australia and pet owners reep the benefits of owning dogs, rather than cats.

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