Don’t Knock Yourself Out of Getting Fists of Iron! Essay

The long awaited and much anticpated four volume collection of Howard’s huge body of boxing material is finally ready for publication - Don’t Knock Yourself Out of Getting Fists of Iron! Essay introduction. These volumes, published by the REH Foundation Press, are in such demand the first editions are sure to sell out quicker than the first edition of The Early Adventures of El Borak, which went pretty darn fast. The first volume of Fists of Iron is due out in a few weeks and can be pre-ordered now; here is the complete list of contents for “Round 1”:


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Don’t Knock Yourself Out of Getting Fists of Iron!
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“The Brute Eternal” by Christopher Gruber


“The Spirit of Tom Molyneaux”
“Double Cross”
“The Weeping Willow”
“The Right Hook”
“The Voice of Doom”
“Crowd Horror”
“Iron Men”
“The Mark of a Bloody Hand”
“They Always Come Back”
“The Trail of the Snake”


“Kid Lavigne is Dead”
“Aw Come on and Fight!”
“The Cooling of Spike McRue”
“Fables for Little Folks”
“The Champ”
“Slugger’s Vow”
“In the Ring”
Untitled (“And Dempsey climbed into the ring”)
Untitled (“They matched me up that night”)
“Down the Ages”
“John L. Sullivan”
“Jack Dempsey”
Untitled (“We are the duckers of crosses”)
Untitled (“All the crowd”)
“When you Were a Set-up and I Was a Ham”

Early Tales, Variants and Fragments:

“The Spirit of Brian Boru”
“A Man of Peace”
“The Atavist” (unfinished)
“Cupid vs. Pollux”
“The Spirit of Tom Molyneaux” (alternate version)
Untitled fragment (“I had just hung…”)
“The Ferocious Ape” (fragment)
Untitled fragment (“Spike Morissey…”)
Untitled fragment (“The tale has always been…”)
“The Ghost Behind the Gloves” (fragment)
“Lobo Volante” (fragment)
“Night Encounter” (incomplete)
“The Folly of Concei” (unfinished)
“Iron Men” (first version)


“Dula Due to be Champion”
“The Punch”
“Men of Iron”

Odds and Ends:

Untitled document, incomplete, perhaps from an essay
“Jeffries Versus Dempsey”
“Misto Dempsey”
‘The Funniest Bout”
Boxing material from Howard’s self-published The Right Hook


“The Lord of the Ring” (part 1), by Patrice Louinet

You can pre-order the first one or all four to ensure you get the complete set. Here are the blow-by-blow ordering details on the REHF website. So don’t just lie there on the canvas waiting for the 10 count to end — be a Champ and order all four today!

Don’t Knock Yourself Out of Getting Fists of Iron! Essay

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