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Proposed thesis: Austen’s novel is shaped by the period in which she lived in that it has Romantic qualities, it satirizes nineteenth century British society, and it blends influences from Austen’s own life into the story - Dorian Gray Outline introduction. Body Paragraphs—topic ideas and examples (quotes from text and outside sources)—no set #–anywhere from 3-5+ Body #1: Romantic qualities weave their way throughout the novel. * Love and respect for nature

-Elizabeth’s love for Pemberly—“delighted” (206)
-Pemberly symbolizes goodness of nature; London represents negative aspects of life away from nature -Lydia runs away from Mr. Wickham and goes to London
* Concern for individual & specific as opposed to general -novel focuses on one specific family
-focuses on Jane and Elizabeth and their emotions in depth
-third person omniscient point of view allows focus into characters * Impulsiveness and indulgence
-contrasting characters of Lydia and Elizabeth
-spending of money “if it is for only the fun of having another bandbox” (188) -Lydia running away
Body #2: Satirizes 19th century British society
* Portrays clergy as concerned with money rather than God -Mr. Collins—marriage for sake of raising social status
* Portrays upper class women as changing opinions quickly and concerned with $ and social status -Mrs. Bennet’s changing emotions when her daughters are involved with marriage -excitedness about marriage “good, kind brother” (259


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-always going from ball to ball to search for husbands for daughters -exaggerating characteristics of Mr. Collins and Mrs. Bennet to satirize society Body #3: Influences from her own life
* Wartime troubles and political turmoil
-Jessica Teisch, “Napoleonic Wars…”(SIRS )
-Bennet family living in countryside away from influences
* Napoleonic Wars raged and political turmoil
-instead, upper-class society focused on manners and decorum (“Life”) -Bennet’s social circle—concern with manners
-“he offended two or three young ladies” (121)
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