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Dove vs. Dial Essay

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What body wash do you use? The two most sold are Dove and Dial. For myself I prefer to use Dove. Dove smells ten times better, also makes your skin softer and it washes off easily; so there’s no soap scum left over. Another reason I use it is there are a variety of fragrances and also can be bought for sensitive skin. Those are proven facts. Which sounds better now? Not everyone likes the same stuff. But I have to tell you Dove is so much better to use.

If you have rough or sensitive skin. Dove can be bought for sensitive skin; they make it that way without a smell so it doesn’t break you out. This makes it a better soap to use.

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Dove vs. Dial
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It also will wash off easily. So that there’s no soap scum left on your skin. This leaves your skin feeling cleaner and smoother. I’m sure everyone prefers soft skin rather than rough dry skin.

That’s why you should use Dove. Dove not only smells better but last all day long and makes your skin super soft. I ‘m sure everybody agrees it does smell better than Dial soap. Dove will keep you feeling fresh, clean, and smelling good including soft skin. That’s a few reasons why I myself recommend people using Dove soap. Not only does it last throughout the day making you smell good, fresh and clean, it also has a variety of different kinds.

They sell Dove for sensitive and rough skin. Dove also sells tons of fragrances. Such as the original smell, citrus, strawberry, kiwi, peach and a lot more. Dial doesn’t; it only has one smell, one variety. Though it does cost less than Dove. Although it does cost lesser than Dove; Dove works just as good as Dial. Even though Dial is also recommended by doctors Dove is the number one leading soap used. Not only for women but men too. If it was up to me I it’s a better soap. Not only is it sold as body7 soap but also hand soap, shampoo and even conditioner. So I prefer using Dove myself.

Everyone has their own kind they would rather use. Well if it isn’t Dove soap; you should reconsider what you buy or at least try it. Dove is a better soap to use in which a lot of people would agree on. Dove does cost more but it’s worth its money. Dove is ten times better than dial. Because Dove makes skin softer and smelling well throughout the whole day. It also washes off easily so there’s no soap scum left on your skin. There’s even a variety of types and fragrances sold in Dove. So stop using that old stuff and use the number one leading brand sold Dove.

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Dove vs. Dial Essay. (2017, Feb 05). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/dove-vs-dial/

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