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Dracula as the Anti-Christ

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Dracula as the Anti-Christ is a theme that presents its self commonly in the novel “Dracula”. The novel portrays Anti-Christian values and beliefs, through its main characters, Dracula. The author uses his knowledge of Christian believes to construct one of the darkest, most evil characters in any novel. To create Dracula he takes these believes and flips them and places them in the character.

There are many ways that Bram Stoker’s character Dracula can be considered the Anti-Christ, mostly because of his evil actions but also what Jonathan finds in the castle; this includes a large pill of old untouched coins representing the sin of greed and possibly pride.

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Dracula as the Anti-Christ
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In the beginning of this book Jonathan Harker is traveling to the Castle, he is met by several people who give him a crucifix when he tells them where he is heading, representing Christianity in the book and also the anti-Christianity of Dracula.

Later in the book it discusses how you can defend yourself from Dracula and other vampires by the possession of garlic, a crucifix or practically any consecrated item from the Christian religion can be used to save you from the presence of a vampire as shown by Lucy with her surroundings of garlic and crucifixes.

Another example of one of the superstitious acts is later in the book when Van Helsing uses a Host to prevent Dracula from entering his coffin or when he makes a “Holy Circle” with the Hosts to keep vampires out and to keep Mina safe.

All of these are examples in which some forms of Christian beliefs are used to prevent the attack of Dracula. In some religious texts God is referred as being the light. Dracula’s powers are limited during the light and his powers are stronger in the night, during darkness. Also the book shows ways of Dracula relating to the religious figure of Jesus Christ, but in an evil manner. Dracula sucks the blood out of people, this action creates his followers, and on the other hand Jesus had disciples.

Dracula has several powers that the Christian’s believe no one but God could control this again shows unchristianity. Dracula can control the weather, wild, or some animals. This shows Dracula’s defiance toward God and all Christianity. Throughout the novel, Bram Stoker uses many biblical allusions to show the god-like manner of Dracula, such as “the blood is the life” from Reinfield. When the count is defeated in the end, he becomes dust.

This is important because it shows sorrow toward God. In the bible is tells of an evil city that shows humility toward god, and the people cover themselves with ash and dirt or dust, and wear uncomfortable clothing. I think that since Dracula’s reign ended on earth it shows he is now under the judgment of God. He has come unto God on the Day of Judgment to be sentenced to eternal damnation.

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