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Drama – Stage Makeup



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    Stage makeup is thicker and a lot harder to take off. It is formulated to stay on longer than cosmetic makeup and also be used with glues, prosthetics, sweating and minor rubbing. Under the strong lights on stage, the actors features will look washed out and their skin will appear a lot paler than it actually is. To solve this problem, their makeup is exaggerated and a lot bolder than it would need to be in an everyday situation. It’s hard to take off and requires many products to do so.

    The audience will normally be quite a distance away from the stage, so to be able to see the actors makeup it must be strong and bold. Cosmetic makeup is for everyday use. It’s thinner and less dramatic than stage makeup. Cosmetic makeup can be removed much easier than stage makeup. Millions of people around the world use it everyday and it’s quite easy to put on and take off. Because so many people use cosmetic makeup, many brands have been created to suit all budgets and styles.

    With cosmetic makeup a wide variety of looks can be achieved, with it being used for special occasions or even on a workday. The differences between them both are that cosmetic makeup is used every day and stage makeup is only usually used on stage. Stage makeup requires a lot more effort to apply and remove, whilst Cosmetic makeup is a lot easier in this department. Stage makeup is thicker, stronger and lasts a lot longer. Also, the colours of stage makeup are many shades deeper than the colours available in cosmetic makeup.

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