Drivers Annoy Me Essay

Ever since I was a child, I loved to drive go-carts - Drivers Annoy Me Essay introduction. Eventually, my passion manifested into a love for driving cars. Driving is a lot of fun because I have the freedom to go wherever I please, and having the ability to drive is priceless. One of the best gifts that a parent can give to a sixteen year old is allowing him to get his permit, and license. Evener since I started driving on my own, the way people drive gives me road rage because they take away from the fun of driving. Many drivers tend to go slowly, some do not follow the rules of the driver’s manual, and some do not abide by the unspoken “parking etiquette.” I cannot enjoy driving when I have to be concerned about how badly someone else is driving. I wish others would drive well so I can enjoy the entire driving experience.

I dislike driving behind people who go under the speed limit because I love to drive fast. For instance, while driving locally, people sometimes drive 30 miles per hour on a 45-mile per hour road. What makes driving behind a slow driver is when another driver cuts me off and subsequently drives slowly; I think that is very inconsiderate especially because I could potentially be in an accident. While driving on the highway from time to time, I drive behind others who go below 65 mile per hour in the furthermost left lane, know as the “fast lane.” Fast drivers drive on the furthermost lane, and driving slowly prevents others from doing so. Similarly, there some drivers on the highway who like to slow done for no reason. In particular, there are sometimes when drivers in front of me on the highway slow down when there is no one surrounding him. All I want from other drivers is for them to drive at least the speed limit, drive in the lane that matches how fast they will drive, and continually move without unnecessary braking.

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I think that some people have not read the driver’s manual. To begin, there are some people who do not user their turn signals when necessary. To illustrate, sometimes people driving in front of me turn without using their turn signal. Without drivers using their turn signal, I could easily hit them and be at fault. Furthermore, there are many drivers who “rubberneck” on the highway. For instance, if someone is pulled over by a police officer, others drivers would slow down just to see what happened; this is comparable to nosiness. In the driver’s manual, they mention that drivers should not rubberneck because it could cause a lot of traffic. Those drivers who take the time to find out what happened not only become an annoyance to many, and back-up the highways. It would be beneficial for those who have not read the driver’s manual, to read it and understand what is written; maybe those drivers would drive well and create an enjoyable driving atmosphere.

The way that some people park in various places is unbelievable. There are drivers who take up two parking spaces, where other people could park. Another thing that drivers do is park too close together. Parking too close to another’s car make it difficult to come out of the car and increases the risk of getting the car scratched. Next, there are some drivers that have the audacity to steal my awaited parking spot. For instance, if I am waiting for a person to back out of his parking spot, someone else will take my spot, despite me waiting for it. When a person takes my spot, it becomes incredibly frustrating since I would have to search for a new parking space. In other words, people who take my parking space are not looked too kindly upon.

I wish others would drive well so I can enjoy the entire driving experience. People who drive slowly, especially on local roads, are very aggravating. One would think that people would be following the driver’s manual, but they continually break the rules. Likewise, one would expect people to abide by the unspoken etiquette of parking a car, but often I see driver’s parking inconsiderately.

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