Dropout Nation Essay

This article shows just how many students are dropping out of schools all across the nation, from small rural schools to big suburban schools. They focus on a town called Shelbyville, IN to show us about students who dropout and why it happens. They also talk about how America is very oblivious to the dropout rates because many schools cover up the actual dropout rate using the GED trick. They talk about how at this high school in Shelbyville they had what they call “push-out” students rather than dropout students, as they do in many other schools.

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Dropout Nation
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They say how the school used to have the tendency to focus more on the needs of the rich kids, even though the poor students were the ones who really needed the attention and help. They say how the general education model has become an all or nothing game, leaving many of the students with nothing. They incorporate of the NCLB was supposed to hold schools accountable for their dropout rates, which has not been happening because the NCLB has not been carried out.

They also touch on how it is getting much harder for dropout students to find a job with how our economy is. This article is from TIME magazine, which is a magazine for the more educated and professional Americans. This magazine is very credible, as well as the author Nathan Thornburgh who is a Stanford Alum also author of a book and many article. Although this article is from a while back, the issue is still very relevant and many things stated in this article are still happening today.

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