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Drug Testing in Schools

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There is a great deal of controversy in school systems today on the issue of drug testing. Drug testing would help our schools to be clean from drugs and the drug users.

Many people who use drugs do not care about their work or other students. Therefore if the students who use drugs get tested for drugs and get a positive test back they should be kicked out of school. By these drug users being expelled from school the consequences for the rest of the student body would be a cleaner and safer learning environment, more learning time, no drugs, and better pear influence.

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Drug Testing in Schools
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Many students argue that their rights and privacy they have is being violated. As a student I would not feel violated in any way. A student should not fuss about a test unless they have been doing drugs and are afraid they will get caught. On the other hand the school systems have the authority to take away a many of the rights that we enjoy.

This is why schools want to make testing an option for security. The Supreme Court ruled that drug testing in schools for an individual would not be discriminating to any person. With that in mind what if a student wanted to sue the school system he could not because laws protect the school systems.

Drug testing may have a positive affect on the offenders, by helping them realize that drugs are very bad for them and they should quit using them. If an offender quit he could be tested and admitted back to school, but he should be tested every week for drugs and if he ever tested positive the penalty should be very harsh. Many positive results could come out of drug testing. Our school system would be cleaner and the learning environment would have fewer interruptions. With all this said the drug testing would save and improve the lives of many students. Bibliography:

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