DTLLS Unit Two Assignments Essay

Candidates are required to| How criteria have been met ( candidate to complete)| Developmental comments ( tutor to complete)| 1. research all of the following:a) negotiating with learners, e. g. initial assessment, agreeing goals and actionsb)inclusive learning, e. g. the use of different delivery methods, resources, adapting lesson plansc)integrating functional skills into their subject area (language, literacy, maths, ICT)d)communication, e. g. verbal / non verbal and possible barriers| Drawing on from personal teaching experience. Looking at my own scheme of work.

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DTLLS Unit Two Assignments
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Assignments already completed with my students. Initial assessment completed at induction. | | 2. prepare a session plan and deliver a session of 15 minutes on your findings for one of the research points in 1. above to your peer group. | Presentation to the group on negotiation with 16-19 year olds. | | 3. explain the importance of each of the areas of research ( 500 – 700 words on each)| The presentation was split into two areas that looked at how the students were allowed to negotiate with their own learning and how they were rewarded for successfully completing the work set as well.

The first section looked at how students could be motivated and to do this I tried to keep the students assignments based around areas that they knew, so for example the Rihanna vs Beyonce assignment for Working in the Performing Arts Industry, looked at two pop stars that they knew and could relate to, this interested them and gave them a motivation to complete the assignment. We would then move onto how this could be negotiated with them to achieve as much as possible out of the assignment and how they could be rewarded and therefore recognise there been a benefit to completing the assignment and been responsible for their own learning.

From these three points, the process can be split into six areas to go through with the students how they can improve their own learning. This follows the points of firstly agreeing to negotiate, for example the reward for this treat is a backstage tour of the National Theatre and in the past they have had a Xmas party and a film showing as rewards. As part of their own learning they are encouraged to form and collect different points of view and to develop opinions from what they have learned.

This kind of process also allows them to focus on their interests. Even they may not like the pop stars involved in the assignment, they like the idea of putting on a concert for them, they know who they are and they can relate successfully to them. It would be much harder to do this kind of assignment and maintain interest if they were not familiar with the artists involved. With all the above successfully established then it is easy to move onto the Win-Win aspect of the process.

For the teacher it is having an assignment successfully completed, usually in small parts so that the students don’t feel overwhelmed in their learning, and fits the learning outcomes and criteria of the unit taught, but also the students know that successful completion allows them some time to enjoy the reward. It is important to allow an activity though that covers a broad spectrum as the students will not always agree on an activity. After the above has been established then it becomes easier to evaluate the options for the assignment and develop the process that the students will work towards to complete the assignment.

This is also where the student and the teacher will create an agreement. In the case of this assignment it would be the successful completion of the assignment means that they can go on the trip. I also found from collecting their views that they wanted an assignment that was in smaller sections that enabled them to complete the assignment over the same period of time, but they felt that they were progressing at a better pace rather than completing in one go. | |

4. describe your method(s) of research – methods may include textbook / internet research, consultation with colleagues, reference to course documentation . P & D days where we looked at how the students felt that they were achieving their own learning through negotiation, talking to my colleague that also teaches the same group to see if our teaching style was similar and therefore familiar for the students. Also using the model from the P & D day to establish within the teaching the students they received. | | 5. provide evidence of all your research undertaken, e. g. through notes, internet findings etc. | http://www. examiner. com/images/blog/replicate/EXID16041/images/Six_Steps_in_the_Negotiation_Process_Mini_Poster. jpg | |

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