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Plot and Analysis of the Book Dune

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DuneThis book all started with the family Atreides landing on plant Arrakis,commonly known as Dune. The planet Dune was the centre of the universe due toits immense amounts of spice. This spice is greatly needed for all planets asfuel and for raw materials. The family Atreides were asked by Emperor himselfto go and mine the spice on the planet. Their greatest enemy the Harkonnen’s,were also on Dune. These two families mining the precious spice on the sameplant would lead to great troubles and wars.

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Plot and Analysis of the Book Dune
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Soon after that, I was introduced to a very brave and insightful youngman. The young man is Paul Atreides. Paul is medium height with short, blackhair. His mother Jessica is a Bene Gesserit that means she knows the weirdingway. This means Jessica is trained to kill and is also trained as a mindreader. She is very tall and beautiful and is always concerned with the actionsof Paul, the future ruler of the galaxy.

Jessica’s teacher, the Reverend Mother heard of Paul and thought that hemight be the great leader that the prophets told of.

The Reverend Mother cameto Dune and tested Paul to see if this was so. Paul underwent great pain andsuffering but passed the tests with the highest reverence. Duke Leto, Paul’sfather now came into the picture. He was the leader of the Atreides Family. Heseemed very established and perceptive.The Atreides family represented goodand honesty while their enemies, the Harkonnen’s, were ruthless killers.

The Harkonnen home planet, Gedi Prime was very desolate and dark. Itrepresented the immorality and darkness within the Harkonnens. Their leaderBaron Vladimir Harkonnen was very obese and inhuman. He killed his own slavesfor fun and hated the Atreides with a passion. He hated their peaceful andhonest ways. Most of all he despised their coming to Dune. This Harkonnenleader appeared the typical tyrant leader. Vladimir Harkonnen’s most trustedsolider Feyd-Rautha was also like him except his physical appearance was that ofideal shape and form.

Back at the Atreides base more characters are introduced to me. Theyare Duncan Idaho who was the personal trainer for Paul Atreides, Dr. Yeuh whowas a good friend of the Duke and later was found out to be a traitor, andThufir Hawat the security officer of the base. All these men seemed greatlytrusted in the Atreides family. They taught Paul much about fighting andprotecting himself from his enemies.These men along with Paul’s mother andfather helped prepare him for the coming hardships ahead. A group of peoplenamed the Fremen also were presented. They were people who lived in the desertwithin the forbidden zone. The forbidden zone was where no one would evertravel. It was said that there are huge masses of Fremen there along with giantsandworms reaching a length of four hundred and fifty meters. The Fremenharvested spice, lived in the cities and in underground cities. Their eyes werebright blue on blue due to the saturation of the spice which changed theircolour.

The beginning of this book was very interesting and told me much abouteach characters background and personality. I knew there was something specialabout Paul and his mother right from the start just by how the author describedthem. The family Atreides was very strong and even feared by the Emperor himselfbecause he knew that Paul was the prophet who was destined to stop all violence,hunger, spice mining, armies and fighting. He was to bring a new era along withhis leadership. This frightened the Emperor that forced him to act against theAtreides family.

The Harkonnen’s seemed a bit too uninteresting and average to me. Theywere evil and hated all that was good. The author should of added a bit more spice to their characters. This would of made the story more enjoyable.

Otherwise, this science fiction novel is like it says on the cover, A worldbeyond your experience, beyond your imagination.

The emperor sent the Atreides to Dune for one purpose only. Theirdestruction. He joined forces with the Harkonnens and attacked the Atreides.

The Harkonnen spy, Dr. Yeuh turned off the defence’s of the base that resultedin the defeat of the Atreides. All were killed except Jessica, Paul and DuncanIdaho. They managed to escape in a spice mining ship deep into the desert, inthe middle of the forbidden zone.

The forbidden zone was very desolate and all you could see was sanddunes and rock piles. This place was to be inhabited by the Fremen. Paul andJessica were amazed when they found an underground cavern that had thousands ofFremen in it. These Fremen looked strong and experienced. Their bright blueeyes stood out like the moon at night. I knew that these Fremen would play abig part in the book. It was said that a man would come to lead them out of thecaves and they thought this was Paul by how he knew their traditions.

Paul began to grow more powerful with each passing day. This part wasvery interesting because I was shown how Paul has grown and how his dreams werecoming to reality. The Fremen also developed because they seemed amused, butsimultaneously fearful of Jessica and Paul. These two knew the weirding way andthe Fremen wanted to learn it in preparation for battle.

Paul and Jessica started to teach the Fremen the weirding way so theycould help fight against the Harkonnens and the Emperor. Paul now is alsoshowing sings of a mature and experienced man.

The novel now is progressing at a very fast pace because Paul andJessica are training the Fremen, planning their revenge on the Harkonnens andtheir growth as characters in the novel. Although I knew that Paul was going todefeat the Harkonnens without finishing the book, the plot still was verycaptivating. I liked how the author described the feelings and pictures ofdifferent scenes. He really went into depth about the emotions of the characterlike whenever Jessica thinks about how Paul is maturing at an astonishing speed.

Paul Atreides started to gain more power and fear throughout the planet. TheEmperor knew Paul would soon be unstoppable so he must try to stop him. By theauthor making the Emperor fear Paul Atreides, it shows that even one of the mostpowerful and influential man in the universe is afraid of him. This shows thatif the Emperor is afraid of Paul then many more would also be. Paul has alreadywon half the battle by putting fear into the hearts of his enemies.

After all the Fremen were trained and ready for battle, they call upontheir most powerful friend; the sandworms of Dune. These massive creatures livethroughout all the sand dunes. The sandworms were very well described and addedimagination and originality in the book. The worms combined with the Fremen’straining would prove to be an unstoppable match. Sandworms were used as a formof transportation for Paul’s army. Since they are so large, many people couldfit onto them. Armies would be crushed by their weight and would have greatdisadvantages from the ground which was a great advantage to the Fremen. Noforce could stop or even match their extraordinary power and all would bepunished for the unfair deaths of the Atreides family. Blood would soon flowand Paul’s revenge would be fulfilled.

To call upon the sandworms, a special tool named a thumper would be used.

These machines would send large vibrations into the ground. Since sandwormscan sense vibrations easily and are attracted to them, they would come. Oncethey have arrived, ropes are thrown onto the sandworms and the men climb on topof it. By making the sandworms sensitive to sounds and vibrations, people otherthen the Fremen are fearful to walk deep into the desert because they know theworms hear everything. This is a natural protection for the Fremen because theHarkonnens will never travel into the forbidden zone to attack.

The final battle was approaching. All of Paul’s men were ready andriding to meet the Harkonnen’s and the Emperors legions of soldiers. Once atthe battle field, the giant worms spread open their mouths to stop enemy fireand Paul’s men got the first attack. Much excitement and fighting werehappening here so this part was worth reading the story.Much detail was putinto the final fighting scene that made things more vivid and real. There werefeelings of tension and fear. So much was happening in so little time.Thisfinal battle scene was the climax of the story. All of Paul’s dreams andtraining paid off by their victory over the Harkonnens. Now he can rebuild theempire to be what he was destined to make it. Once victory was achieved, Paulmade rain clouds appear and rain poured onto the dry sands. All were amazed byhis powers and no on ever questioned him or his decisions again. Paul was nowthe almighty ruler.

In making a story get the readers appreciation the author must providethe following essentials; * Creativity * Action and adventure * Love and romance * Strong story line (opening, body and closing)The author Frank Herbert provided all these that made the storyinteresting to me. Frank Herbert’s imagination made the sandworms become livelyand the mystic powers of Paul come into perspective. Paul fell on love with abeautiful young Fremen woman. This added romance made Paul work harder to freeArrakis of the wicked Harkonnens. Much extra background information giventhrough the book made me understand the characters and their emotions with morecomprehension. There were many themes in Dune’ such as you shall get yourjust deserves. This means that what you have done to others shall be doneback to you in full. The Harkonnens army combined with the Emperors attackedand beat the Atreides. Paul in turn strikes back with brute force that manyhave not seen throughout their existence. The Harkonnens and the Emperor wereannihilated and Paul’s vengeance was paid. I must say that this science fictionbook did create a sense of reality meaning that this situation could happen inthe future. A boy or girl born in the future who is destined to be the almightyruler. He/she will guide us out of depression and into a new era of peace andprosperity. Their may be truth to this story and one day a fight between goodand evil may come to reality.

Dune is the typical `Good guys vs. Bad guys’ theme. The Atreides are atwar with the Harkonnens and the good always win (as you already know.) Althoughthis plot is really used too much Frank Herbert did an excellent job to disguisethis fact. He blended this into a great story line of action packed adventureand dreams of the future.

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