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Early Colonial Areas

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Early colonial areasLong before America officially became a country in 1776, this land, which we are upon, was mearly a colonial settlement for British Immigrants who were fleeing their country because of religious reasons. There were three different areasin which the immigrants settled. The first area was known as New England. It consisted of the present-daystates: Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

The people living there were called “Puritans”. They got their name from trying to purify the church of England.

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Early Colonial Areas
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They were very much into religion. They always read the Bible, they believed God’s laws can be understood only through it.

They adhered to strict code of morality and proper behavior, they also valued education. For livelihood they traded, fished and built ships. The Pilgrims werethe first to settle in Plymouth. Later, non-separatist Puritans came to Massachusetts Bay.

Another area was known as the Middle colonies. The people who settledhere were the Quakers. They, alike the Puritans, were also very religious.

They also read the Bible. They also migrated to America for religious reasons, likethe Puritans. They valued self government, Manufacturing, and commerce. Theirpreachers preached violently (in terms of speaking). They both, lived amicablywith the Indians and purchased plots of land off them. Quaker city of Philadelphia became the unofficial colonial capitol in 1750. Twenty-six years later the Declaration of Independence was signed here. The Middle colonies consisted of thepresent-day states: New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.

The Final area was known as the Southern Colonies. The people whosettled here were called the Planters. These people were farmers and were devotedto their crops and slavery. This group was completely different from the other two in that, the southern colonies were not into religion at all, they were toobusy worrying about their crops. They indeed came to America for the farming game. They valued social events and business. They had a rural lifestyle. They dealed mainly with tobacco but also planted Aristocracy. The Southern colonies consisted of the present-day states: Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

These three all came to the “New Land” in search for freedom fromthe wrath of the British. And they most certainly found it. And that was justthe beginning of this great country which we call the United States of America.

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