Easy Does It: Analyzing the Convenience Computer Applications Provide to All Essay

Way back when people were still using pens, white out and check registers to balance their bank accounts, the whizzes at Microsoft and other software companies were perfecting programs that would one day change the world - Easy Does It: Analyzing the Convenience Computer Applications Provide to All Essay introduction. Programs such as Microsoft’s Word and Power Point, and Intuit’s Quicken revolutionized the way we do homework, give presentations and maintain our personal and professional finances. In fact, most of us can’t function if our computers go on the fritz. Society has become so dependent on these computer software applications that when we don’t have access to them, the whole world stops. Technology is right on target with advancement, and will continue to improve every day. With its improvement come additional conveniences that computer savvy folks can only dream of. 

            Remember when course syllabuses advised on the color ink and line-ruled paper you were to use to complete written assignments? Victory belonged to those who utilized fat lettering to stretch the contents of what should be a 5 page paper on watching paint dry. Today’s syllabuses have vastly improved, not only in appearance (no more poor copies from copy machines) but also on specifying what the student is to submit for a passing grade. Programs such as Microsoft Word have made paper writing fair for those who, not by choice, have small handwriting. It has also improved the appearance of documents, easing the strain our overworked eyes put into reading the finished product. For those who are artistically impaired or inspired, presentation can be easily embellished with clever template features, clip art and a great selection of font and font/background colors available (Microsoft, 2007). For those who are sensitive to security, features such as Document Inspector allow the user to secure content that he or she does not want made public (Microsoft, 2007). Producing high-quality presentations for that A.M meeting in Tokyo can be conveniently completed in the comfort of a business traveler’s hotel bed. New features of Power Point allow the user to easily incorporate information from several different systems into one presentation. As if documentation conveniences were not enough, being your own banker is yet another benefit we are able to utilize from the evolution of several computer applications. Intuit’s Quicken assists individuals and businesses in maintaining financial records, budgeting and fund disbursement (Comstock, 2007). With the click of a mouse, bills are paid and financial records are updated. Operating from home not convenient enough? Quicken has created a program especially for those on the go: Pocket Quicken (Comstock, 2007). On the ground or in the air, Pocket Quicken enables you to take your financial records with you virtually anywhere.

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Easy Does It: Analyzing the Convenience Computer Applications Provide to All
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            “Inconvenience” is a word of our past. Computer applications have made life easier for anyone who counts on them for any reason. Everyone, from professionals to regular “Joes”, benefit from the development of this much needed technology. From here on out, technologically speaking, life can only get easier.


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